Wednesday, February 29, 2012

My L'Oreal Beauty Destination Next Beauty Guru Entry!

If you didn't know, L'Oreal Paris USA hosted a contest to find the next Beauty Guru on Youtube. All you had to do was create an original video tutorial on your best Red Carpet Look. Today is the last day and I was able to submit my entry a couple of hours before the deadline. I was freaking out a bit because it wasn't letting me click on the submit button. But I restarted my computer and did it one more time and it worked! would have sucked missing the deadline because I worked so hard to put this video together. 

I'll post photos of this look and products I used when I get a chance. For now, I hope you enjoy this video!


  1. Very beautiful look:)

  2. This makeup is just beautiful, especially love the way you used the white pencil on the eyes and the cheeks.

    Good luck, you totally deserve to win :)

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