Thursday, February 9, 2012

New Shades of Wet n Wild Mega Last Lip Colors

I'm drooling over the new Wet n Wild Mega Last lipsticks. 6 beautiful colors are added in the Mega Last Lip Color collection this 2012, all bright and fun and perfect for Spring and Summer. I tried my best to capture their true colors through my photos, but you really have to see them in person because you are going to fall in love like I do. Like what I said, these are all bright and bold, so if you're not into bright lips, you may want to skip it, or maybe this is the perfect time to be bold and try that bright coral, pink or red lips you've always been afraid of. They are only $1.99, a dollar off from the original retail price of $2.99, so you have nothing to lose?

I honestly can't decide which one is my favorite because they are all beautiful. But I'm leaning towards 24 Carrot Gold, a bright coral/orangy color because for some reason it makes my face look fresh!

What I like:
  • I'm not sure but I think they re formulated these lipsticks. They are much creamier than the past Mega Last lipsticks. 
  • They are the same semi-matte and opaque lipsticks.
  • The names are on the tube!!! Before it was only on the plastic seal, now it's located on the bottom of the lipstick. I know it shouldn't matter, but this makes it so much easier for me as a blogger to determine their names when I do my "Face of the Day" looks or Makeup video tutorials.
  • The new colors are bright and fun. These will be perfect to wear during Spring and Summer!
  • They last a long time if I don't eat or drink, about 4 hours.
  • The $1.99 price. They are now super affordable than ever!

What I don't like:
  • The packaging. You know I've never been a fan of their Mega Last lipstick packaging. The product doesn't twist all the way down, so you are likely to nick it if you are not careful when you open and close. Just be careful. But hey, for the price and quality, I can look pass that.

A. Cherry Picking- A bright deep berry color with purple undertone.

B. Don't Blink Pink- A hot pink color. 

C. Dollhouse Pink- Cool, pale Barbie pink with a hint of purple. A possible dupe for MAC lipstick in Snob? See how it looks on me HERE.

D. Pinkerbell- A medium rosy pink color.

E. 24 Carrot Gold- A coral/orangy color. Sew what it looks like on me HERE.

F. Purty Persimmon- A red orange color. A possible dupe for MAC lipstick in Morange?

Swatches on my arm
with flash

A. Cherry Picking
B. Don't Blink Pink
C. Dollhouse Pink
D. Pinkerbell
E. 24 Carrot Gold
F. Purty Persimmon

...and without flash

Do you own any of the new Mega Last Lip Colors? What is your favorite color?

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  1. Wet n' Wild has the best beauty products for an amazing price. $1.99 is just awesome.

    Looks like everything is nice besides the packaging. I'm very interesting in trying these.

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  2. I love the Megalast lip colors but I can't seem to find these new shades or the new releases of wet n wild anywhere! It's either they're out of stock or still not out yet.

  3. I really like the new colors, but I still can't get my hands on Pinkerbell and Carrot Gold because most of the new collection stands seem to carry only the other colors. I hope I will see them soon. Thnks for sharing your post.

  4. Are these colors already out? I really wanna get my hands on Don't Blink Pink and Purty Persimmon.

  5. I tried looking for these everywhere, but to no avail! :(
    I'm hoping they get these in soon in my area.

  6. I'm loving the 24 Carrot Gold...really pretty shade..=)

  7. i need to go and buy some!!

  8. Ahh! The label is now on the tube and not the throw away plastic? Ughh, I hated that part! Love the colors. I need these in my life

  9. The annoying part is these cost a ton over here! Wish I could get them from the US minus the crazy prices/shipping. :(


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  10. I looooove Wet N Wild lippies. Thanks for sharing this! <3

  11. OMG, I love these babies! :) Will have it ordered next week.

    The Pink Margarita

  12. I own dollhouse pink and persimmon. I really want the rest of the colors now. I love how it's only $2 a pop now.

  13. Dollhouse pink and Pinkerbell is lovely...Please do an FOTD using the lippies :)

  14. omg i want pinkerbell so bad! ttheyy are all sooo pretty!

  15. Totally went out and bought after this post! Thank you!

  16. I've heard so much on WnW, managed to get my hands on a few trios and one of the matte/shimmer palettes!

    It's too bad there's no such thing as such great lipstick for $2 over here!

    I'd have to go with cherry pinking and don't blink pink, those would suit my complexion best!

    My mother would totally rock purty're so lucky to have such lovely tan skin, i'm sure you can rock them all! :)

  17. Where can i get them for $1.99? I bought some at kmart and they were $4 :(

  18. omg!! you got the 24 carrot gold..Im always searching for it but still no luck! stores are out of that color..=/