Saturday, March 3, 2012

I gave in and got NAKED 2!!!

After seeing many makeup/beauty youtubers and bloggers rave about the Urban Decay Naked palette, I finally gave in and got the Naked 2 palette for myself. I know, I know, I don't need another palette, but you don't understand...It's just sooooo pretty! It's also a great deal. The palette cost $50 with 12 full size neutral eyeshadows, which makes the shadows $5 each. Plus, you get a travel sized lip gloss and a blender and shadow dual ended brush. I really love it when high end makeup companies makes makeup palettes because you get more for your money!

It's actually a late birthday gift to myself. I thought, what the heck! I haven't really bought any makeup in such a long time (besides Birchbox and MyGlam every month) so there's nothing wrong with treating myself with a beautiful eyeshadow palette!

Here are my initial thoughts from swatching and playing with the colors. Also, I don't own the first Naked palette, so I can't do any comparison. I suggest go to for more information.

What I like:
  • You get 12 beautiful complimentary neutral colors in one palette, plus lip gloss and a brush. The looks you can create are endless. 
  • I like how there's a mix of shimmers or metallics, satin and matte eyeshadows. It will help you create a well balanced eye makeup. 
  • The shadows are pigmented and buttery soft. 
  • The packaging is great and travel friendly. The metal tin is very sturdy with a little bit of weight to it. I haven't traveled with it yet, but I can tell it will protect the eye shadows well. It also has a mirror! I love palettes with mirror. 
  • The price is great! $50 for everything you get is awesome!

What I don't like:
  • I have Half Baked and Chopper already from previous Urban Decay palettes. 
  • I haven't tried the first Naked palette, but from reading other makeup blogs, I read that some of the colors are very similar from the first one. 
  • I had a difficult time swatching Tease and Blackout (both matte). They weren't as soft as I expected O_o. 

Lip Junkie Lip Gloss in Naked. Pretty cool packaging huh? It's a pretty nude pink lip gloss that enhances any lip color, adds a glossy finish and plumps up the lips a bit.

Blender and eyeshadow dual ended brush! The bristles are very soft.

Close up look at the colors and swatches with and without flash.

 I forgot to mention that I ordered it from They also gave me perfume samples of my choice, an Anastacia Brow Gel for accumulating over 100 points on their Beauty Insider program and Fresh Sugar Kisses Mini Lip Duo as a Birthday gift! Gotta love Sephora!

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I can't wait to play with my new toy and do a look with it!


  1. Awesome! I gave in as well and bought the 1st one since they're warmer colors. Can't wait to see what makeup looks you come up with this palette though! :) xoxo

  2. I know I'm next to give in to NAKED 2! I have to see what all the fuss is about. Check out my blog if you have time and let me know which bridesmaid dress we should choose :)

  3. The colors are so lovely. I still haven't picked this up, but I am definitely considering it!

  4. jealous! The first Naked palette was limited when it came to Singapore...sold out in 3 days and there's been none for sale for the last 2 years! :( I really gotta find a way to get Naked 2, the colors are so lovely and cool toned! have fun:))

  5. They're still not launched in Singapore! I want them badly now..thks for the swatches..

  6. I'd love to see all the looks that you'll come up with using this palette. :)

  7. wow *_*I haven't none (1or 2) but I'd loove to have them! The colors are amazing!!

  8. The pictures and swatches look great. *must resist running to Sephora*

  9. I love this palette. One of my favs! Great post!

  10. I love this one more than the original, but I think that's only because I'm much more cool-toned than warm, and the palette has more cool-toned colors in it. I also adore the much cleaner!

  11. Wow! Congratulations on your UD2 palette! I am loving the look of their brush! I have a very short version of that from the Book of Shadows and it's really good!!!

  12. Ahhh, I want this so badly :) Thanks for the swatches, I really like Suspect and Busted.