Thursday, March 15, 2012

March MyGlam Bag came super early...yay!

I'm so happy and excited! MyGlam bag came super early this month. I missed the email notice they sent me saying MyGlam bag has been shipped, so I was very surpsrised to find it on our front door yesterday. 

Here's it is...

This month's MyGlam bag is so cute and very Spring!

MyGlam exclusive Classic Crease Brush and Case. It's freakin' pink! This pretty much did it for me! You have no idea how happy I was to see a full size blending/crease brush. You know how much I love makeup brushes and this will be a great addition to my brush collection. And it has a MyGlam logo, which means they most likely will come out with a makeup brush line soon!


Keracolor Color Enhancing Leave-In Treatment. Eh..I wasn't too excited about this one, but I'm sure it's great!

Pur-lisse Pur-Protect SPF 30 Essential Daily Moisturizer
Murad Eye Lift Perfector
DermStore $25 gift card

All are great! $25 gift card is really awesome! Dermstore is an online retail store for all things skincare and beauty and they have so many brands to choose from. I'm also excited to try the moisturizer!

Murad Absolute Bronzing Boost SPF15. This product sounds really good, but I'm already tanned and I don't need to bronze. I'll see if I can use it as a contour for my face ^_^.

Overall, I'm more than happy with this month's MyGlam. I've read people's comments on some social sites whining and complaining. Those people needs to relax. All these stuff are worth more than $10 so stop complaining! I also gotta give credit for shipping my bag super early.Thank you!I look forward to next month's MyGlam bag!

Have you gotten yours?


  1. I'm one of those who didn't like my bag this month (or last). Brush was a + but they're not living up to what they promised. Plus the bag stinks (literally).

    I also reviewed on my blog, so you can call me a whiner/complainer if you like.

  2. @mommareeze a: Thanks for your comment. I hope I didn't offend you. I just read some nasty and mean comments on social sites about myglam that I though was unnecessary. About the bag, mine doesn't stink. Well, If I stick my nose in it, then it smells like nail polish a little bit, but nothing over powering that would turn me off.

  3. I love my pink brush too!!! I read on where it said stay tuned for more to fill up the brush holder...yay!!!

  4. The brush reminds me of a local Filipino branded brush: Charm Pro... I'm such a sucker for anything pink that's why I'm totally drawn into your brush... Kept looking at it... xP

  5. I got my bag on MONDAY! I was shocked it came so early too. LOL i'm getting ready to do my post about it. i didn't get the murad bronzer but want to try it! i'm so happy with this month's bag!! they're still so new and i agree with you on the negativity that i've been reading as well. it's been immature and not very eloquent. they've already said they're working on the issues and they are LISTENING. that's all we can ask from a company. :)

    about the smell of the bag... i do notice that each month when i open the package, the whole thing smells like moth balls but it does air out after a few days. it doesn't really bother me and it's probably from the warehouse/storage facility where everything is kept.

  6. Yes it really did come quickly this time around. I didn't really like this month items in it, maybe because the color doesn't work for my skin tone with some the products. Overall the colorful bag is nice but the items in it are meehhh!! :)

  7. that brush is soooo pretty!!

  8. The brush is cute. You must be stoked because we all know how much you love brushes. And you can't go wrong with pink :)

  9. Not offended at all (thanks btw, you are super nice!). I agree with you that some people are totally mean and it's uncalled for.

    I'm giving MyGlam some time to get it together, but after getting Birchbox and comparing the 2, it's hard to keep throwing my $ at them.

  10. (woops used my other account, ha!) This is mommareeze btw.