Sunday, April 29, 2012

Obsessed with Cake Pops!

Non makeup/beauty related post.

So today, I had a random thought that I want to learn how to make cake pops. Next thing I knew, I spent 3 hours browsing the internet for cake pop photos and cake pop how to videos on Youtube. I know, I need a life! But seriously, they are so adorable. If you don't know what cake pops are, they are pretty much a cake formed into a ball on a lollipop stick. I actually want them at my wedding. They would be a beautiful and fun center piece for the dessert table I'm planning to have. Don't know what flavor, color and style yet, but that's why I want to try and experiment!

Here are some of the cake pop photos I found on Google. Gaaahhhh...They are super cute and adorable. I included the links of the website where I found them so you can check them out.

photo source: Tiana Tea Party blog

photo source: Lil Sugar

photo source: Cakes by Diva

photo source: Love From The Oven

photo source: Just A Little Bite

photo source: My Bella Sweets

photo source: Exquisite Wedding Magazine

This is a cool video on how to make homemade cake pops from left over cake and icing.

Or maybe I can just buy a cake pop mold just like this product in the video.

Or what if I try these cake pop maker from Babycakes. I bought the their cupcake maker before for a gift to my best friend and it works great.


                                    I will surely let you guys know whatever I decide ^_^.

What do you guys think about cake pops?


  1. Yummeh!!! I'm a sucker for sweets, so kill me now....hahaha ^_^

  2. this just made me hungry I think if I could I would live off cake pops lol


  3. Yummy, sooo CUTE too.
    I want the Hello Kitty ♥

  4. I love cake pops I want to try them myself looks like fun :)

  5. sooo cuute! and a great idea for a wedding.. are getting married soon? -- just curious! haha!

  6. Wow I'm getting a sugar rush, just looking at those treats! :P

  7. they are sooo cute~~ and I didn't know there existed a cake pop maker, if i would own that i would make cake pops every day >.<

    My Blog ~ xLittleBells♥

  8. I like the Hello Kitty and Sesame Street ones! You should have the bride and groom ones for your wedding! They look so sweet and cute!

  9. Those are to freaking cute! Cake pops are so awesome, as long as they're done right. I'm considering having some as on tables at my wedding...

  10. these are so cool I want to do some too!!

  11. Oh YUM!! Awesome!! It makes eating cake just that much more fun and guilty! Do try it out and let us know! :)

  12. Cake pops are soooo cute <3 xo

  13. nice opinion.. thanks for posting.

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