Friday, April 6, 2012

Super Awesome Bargain Clothing Haul

If you follow me on Intagram (missbecky0207), then you should probably know that I went shopping on Saturday. I went to my favorite place in the world, the San Pedro Wholesale Mart in Downtown L.A. Fashion District. It's where I get  brand new, super cute clothes and accessories for cheap!!! Click HERE to see my previous hauls.

I went with my sister in law and as always, we had so much fun going through the clothes, getting such great deals and eating the best street food in town. We gotta have those delicious huaraches and the best chicken teriyaki bowl ever!

Here's what I got. I got a variety of clothing from different brands. My style is pretty random, and I don't follow any trends. I like whatever I think looks good on me.

Easel $5                                                                                            Easel $5

Pretty Good $5                                                                              Marianne $5

Coco Love $5                                                                               Blu Planet $5

Equipe $5                                                                          Amor $5

Freshine $5                                                                          Kariss $5

To Win USA $5                                                                          Daytrip $5

Cherry Knit USA $5                                                                 Sweet Color $5

Nick and Mo $5                                                                            4 for $10 camis

$1 Hello Kitty accessories

$2.50 faux leather belt

$2.50 faux leather belt                                                                    Top Moda sandals $8

 As always, I'm so happy with my purcahses. I spent a little bit over $100 tax free!!! No bad, right? I can't wait to wear my new summer dresses and sandals ^_^.

Click HERE if you want to learn more of San Pedro Wholesale Mart.


  1. Great haul! I'm so jealous-wish I had stores like that around me :)

  2. Fab haul! Cute pieces that are not ridiculously priced.

  3. i like the pink ones and the Nick and Mo.. not bad for $5!

  4. great haul. i'm saving up my money so i can do a one-time big-time haul :P

  5. i love this place, great finds !

  6. I can´t believe the big amount of nice pieces that you find everytime you go shopping Becky.
    You've got a great sense of style.
    Kisses honey.

  7. the floral sandals are sooo cute!! :)