Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Vegas Recap Day 1 & 2...Pawn Stars, Wicked Spoon, Las Vegas Gun Show etc..

I'm back!!! Sorry for the lack of post. Kiko and I just got back from Las Vegas for our mini vaca. It was a much needed break from reality and it was so much fun to spend some quality time together! It's actually our first time in Vegas as a couple so it was very exciting for me. The last time I went to Vegas was back in the 10th grade with my family and that was a looooong time ago....

If you follow me on Instagram (Missbecky0207), you most likely got some photo updates from our mini adventure. But you know me, I love taking photos so here's a bunch of photos I took that I want to share. I hope you don't mind ^_^.

I will split my Vegas trip recap into 2 posts, so it won't be too long...

Day 1

Friday: We drove to Vegas right after I got off from work around 3:30pm. Bad idea! We got so much traffic. The 4 hour drive became 7 and it was dreadful  O_o. Well, it was worst for Kiko since he drove the whole way. Poor Baby Cakes (He didn't want me to drive though ). By the time we got to our hotel, at The Signature, it was already late and we were both tired. Initially, we planned to walk the strip. Instead, we had a late dinner at The Grand Wok and sushi bar in the MGM hotel. Then we just hung out at the casino and watched Kiko played the slot machines.

The Grand Wok and sushi bar is really good but expensive Chinese restaurant located inside the MGM hotel and casino. We loved the taste and presentation of the food and their customer service was excellent. Probably the best customer service we've ever received in an Asian restaurant lol. 

So tired and sleepy in this photo, but still managed to get dolled up a bit.

Kiko got the Kung Pao Shrimp. Lots of shrimp with pepper and onions in a delicious spicy sauce.

I got the Duck and Pork BBQ plate. So good and done right, just like in L.A. China Town! We got a side of white rice which I didn't show.

Day 2

Saturday: Drove the strip, ate at the Wicked Spoon Buffet, visited the Gold and Silver Pawn Shop "Pawn Stars" and Las Vegas Gun Show.

Here are some photos I took. There was no way we were gonna walk in the 103 degrees hot and dry weather. No way!

We drove by so many wedding chapels and saw a few couples getting married awww... Kiko and I were teasing each other about getting married just for fun lol...

We went to the Wicked Spoon buffet at the Cosmopolitan hotel and casino for brunch. You have no idea how much I've been waiting for this moment. Vegas is known for having the biggest and grandest buffets you will ever see in your life and I couldn't wait to eat! Wicked Spoon was recommended by my good friend Sariah and the concierge of our hotel and has great reviews on Yelp. I'm so glad I took their word.

The Cosmopolitan of Las Vegas
3708 Las Vegas Blvd S

Las VegasNV 89109

The line to get in was really long, but it moved pretty fast.

I love how the inside looks so modern and upscale. I love the big chandeliers too.

There were all kinds of food to choose from and honestly everything I tried were really delicious. Each food were served elegantly and some are even in their own little plates and pots that I thought was adorable. Also, each table got their own water in this glass bottle, which I thought was cool.

They also had a great selection of desserts. I have a sweet tooth and I made sure to make room for these...

Mini chocolate fudge cake with caramel syrup on the bottom served in a mini pan. Isn't it cute?

                     Angry Mac n Cheese

1st plate: Shrimp cocktail in a shot glass, water melon salad, beets and pineapple salad with goat cheese and smoked salmon with capers and onions.

2nd Plate: Seabass on a bed of swiss chard, curried mussels, pork belly sliders and sushi rolls.

3rd plate: Korean spare ribs, leg of lamb, prime rib with chimichurri and fried chicken in a mini frying basket.

4th Plate: Desserts!!! Chocolate covered strawberries with peanuts and toffee, macrons, tiramisu and coconut gelato.

After Wicked Spoon, we went to the Gold and Silver Pawn shop. Recognize it? It's  the very popular reality show Pawn Stars on History Channel. We love that show!!!

(702) 530-4959
713 Las Vegas Blvd S 

Las Vegas, NV 89101

 The pawn shop was surprisingly small. It's pretty much what you see in the photos. And of course, the main characters of the show weren't there. I wonder what days they shoot? I'm glad visitors were welcome to look around and take photos ^_^.

 I <3 Chumlee stickers!

Some things seen on the show.

Wonder Woman comic book $2,500

Las Vegas Gun Show
Saw this event online and since it wasn't too far from the strip, we thought might as well stop by and check it out. I don't know anything about guns except for the fact that they are heavy and they shoot bullets, so I spent the whole time following Kiko around and taking photos ^_^.

The people were really nice and friendly.

They were selling all kinds of weapons from guns, bullets, knives to swords. I learned that a lot of these things are legal to own in Nevada, but not in Cali.

Oooohhh...Saw this super cute metallic pink gun. I forgot what it was called. Look at the price!

Whew...that was long. Stay tuned for part 2!


  1. Wowwww...looks like a lot fun. I cannot wait for your part 2 pictures :) I am planning to go to Vegas sometime this year, and I know it's gonna be hot. 103 already!?!? In April?! Damn. I'm def going to go to wicked spoon. I LOVE buffets a lot... like a lot! I'm so Asian. Have you noticed that lots of Asians love buffets? LOL :D I'm salivating!

  2. I love watching Pawn Stars too! I'm getting a little light-headed with the food from wicked spoon...its so much bigger than the ones here in Manila! :D

  3. OH man that buffet looked delicious and your duck from the wok.

  4. vegas is one of our favorite vacation spots and where we got married! :D i can't believe you didn't walk the strip!! lol it's a dry heat and if you walk through the casinos you get a nice cool break but it's not that bad i don't think. maybe we're used to it. haha i hope to see in your second post that you went to the massive sephora there!!!

  5. Looks like you had a great trip! Vegas looks very fun! Love that you went to the Pawn Stars store! Did you see anyone from the show?