Sunday, May 6, 2012

Daily Beauty: Reviva Labs Seaweed Soap

WHO: Reviva Labs Seaweed Soap

WHAT: Reviva Labs says, "Instead of animal tallow (sodium tallowate), common to most soaps, we feature a pure vegetable base of palm and coconut oils. Our Seaweed grains' scrub action, which helps remove hidden impurities, has been a family favorite in shower or bath for many years. In Spain, Seaweed Soap is even used as part of one's slimming or anti-cellulite routine. It stimulates circulation and helps discharge toxins. It's a soap both men and women will love. Benefits: 100% vegetable base; added scrub action - great for use in an anti-cellulite program; no animal fats!" 
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WHEN: Permanent
            retail price: $4.00

I prefer body wash over soap, but I really like this soap for a couple of reasons: It's made from vegetable base and coconut oils instead of animal fats and the specs of seaweed does a great job in  exfoliating my body. See my full review HERE


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