Monday, May 21, 2012

How To Re-Use your Birchbox

(It fits 23 eye shadow trios, 7 single eye shadows, 13 lips stains and 7 blushable cream sticks)

How do you store and organize your makeup? Ever since I subscribed to Birchbox, I have been using their boxes as a storage/divider for my makeup and jewelry. I also use them to store my coupons and recipe clippings. If you don't know, Birchbox is a monthly subscription service where you pay $10 a month and they send you a box with 4-5 high end deluxe beauty samples. I've been a subscriber ever since they started about a year and some months ago and within that span of time, I have accumulated a lot of Birchboxes!

This is what Birchbox looks like. The box is firm and sturdy and I use cover and bottom as storage/divider for my makeup and jewelry. You can also re-use them as a gift box and just wrap and decorate it with colorful wrapping paper if you like.

Here's what it looks like inside my makeup dresser/drawer.

I use it to store and organize all my NYC New York Color makeup and Wet n Wild makeup.

What do you do with your Birchbox?


  1. I store my nail polishes in mine :)

  2. Wow! thats smart and eco friendly! I would do the same if we have birchbox in the Phils.


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  4. What a great post! I Love using my birch boxes to store and organize my makeup! They are great! Loved seeing some of your ideas!

  5. I actually use mine to organize my polish in the plastic drawers I have. Helps a lot!

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  7. I like how organize your make up looks in those Birchboxes. I sometimes keep boxes to organize things too, but only if the boxes are pretty, haha. I usually would store my art & craft belongings.

  8. You have a lot of Wet n Wild! I don't subscribe to any beauty box services, but I love how you're reusing the boxes! xoxo
    A Thing of Beauty

  9. I actually used my boxes to send things out. If I had any left over then I would use the rest the same way you did.

  10. I feel really silly for never thinking of this ! I usually use my boxes to put goodies in and give them away as mini Definitely going to do this now ! Too bad I just recently cancelled my box !

  11. have you seen the birchbox blog where they turn their birchboxes into a drawer? i'm thinking about trying that. heres the link to their tutorial . but do you like your boxes overall? im starting to get disappointed with the samples that come inside.



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