Thursday, May 17, 2012

May 2012 MyGlam: Philosophy, Studio Gear, Miss Beauty and MyGlam makeup brushes

Sorry if all my post this week has been monthly subscriptions services. I promise this is the last one lol. I received my MyGlam bag yesterday the same time as Birchbox and it was double goodies for me. For some reason, Myglam bag came a little late. I've been seeing everybody else's bag since last week and I just got mine yesterday. No biggie though. 

The theme for this month's MyGlam is "Love Is In The air". That's Bethany of MacBarbie07 of youtube on the card. She's only 16 or 17 if I'm not mistaken and she's already a youtube sensation. She's so adorable and pretty. 

MyGlam product list

Here's what I got...

A sample of Philosphy Love Sweet Love Spray Fragrance. Another sample perfume to add to my collection. I've said it before that I'm not a perfume person, but this one is really nice. It has a sweet fruity scent that I actually really like. It's something I would wear to a date with my fiance.

A full size Studio Gear Complete Color lipstick in Misty Mauve. I was very happy to see a full size lipstick and even more happy because it's a color I can wear. It's a pretty mauve nude shade that looks very natural against my skin tone. It glides on so smoothly and feels so comfortable on my lips. I love it already!

Full size Miss Beauty Nail Bling stickers. These nail stickers is probably what I need for my ugly nails. I suck at painting my nails, but I can sure apply stickers!

MyGlam Concealer Brush and Defining Eyeliner Brush. I was excited when I found out makeup brushes were going to be included in my bag, but I was kind'a disappointed when I saw them in person. The concealer brush is way too thin and small for my liking, and I don't like the eye liner brush at all. I prefer an angled brush. I could probably use it as a lip brush? 

Overall, I'm pretty pleased with this month's MyGlam. I like all of the samples except for the 2 brushes. They are cute, but I don't see myself using them.

Click HERE if you want to learn more about MyGlam.


  1. Nice stuff you got there <3

  2. very cool I feel like I'm up to date i all you do with instrgram love it !!! I have to get in this My glam mmmmm

    Hope your doing good


  3. Ive seen alot of bad reviews on the videos for this service so that influenced my decision not to go with the service anymore I guess it depends what you like.

  4. The pouch is cute! MyGlam always comes in a cute and unique pouch!! i love how they package the products! I have to agree with you for the two brushes >_< But nice products overall ^_^~

  5. Studio Gear lipsticks are my favorite! They're so creamy and smooth.

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    I reviewed my first bag on my blog