Saturday, June 9, 2012

First Date Makeup Look

Do you remember your first date? Well, I don't know if I should count my "first date" with the first boy I ever liked because I was very young, but I can tell you my first date with Kiko. It was back in high school where we first met, which was a looooong time ago. I don't want to make this post too long but just a quick story of what happened.... There was a bad storm on our first date. It was windy and it was pouring very hard, but he still picked me up at home and we went to the mall. We had Starbucks and walked around over and over again while holding hands. He did most of the talking because I was too shy. We got some In n Our Burger and ate in his car and I only took 2 bites because I was too shy to eat in front of him haha. Then, we went to the movies and saw Drum Line and had to leave 10 minutes before it ended because I had to be home at a certain time...Whaaa...Yeah, sounds boring huh? But it makes Kiko and I laugh whenever we talk about it.

In terms of makeup, I didn't wear wear makeup at all. Makeup was foreign for me back then. I probably just had moisturizer and lip balm and that's it. Don't even get me started with what I wore haha...I remember it was a faded blue demin from Old Navy that were a bit loose on me, a hot pink Snoopy shirt and an bright orange Saucony sneaker...Omguulay...never again haha!

Good times tough...Good times!!!

So this post is a "First Date Makeup Look" If I had the knowledge that I have now with makeup back then, this would probably the look that I would do. A simple and soft yet defined makeup look. If you're getting to know a boy, you don't want to overwhelm him with a whole lot of makeup on your face. You want him to remember your beautiful eyes and amazing personality and not black eye shadows and super red lips, right? Save the dark makeup on later dates *evil laugh*. It's your first date so you want to make a good impression.

The products I used are mostly Wet n Wild cosmetics. I really love the Wet n Wild Color Icon eye shadow in Penny that I sued on my lids. I remember using the same color on my niece when I did her bridesmaid makeup, which you can see HERE. It's a gorgeous peachy pink eye shadow with gold sheen. It's absolutely gorgeous!!!

Product List

-MAC Studio Fix Fluid in NC42

-Urban Decay eye primer
-Wet n Wild Ultimate Brow Kit (using the medium brown)
-Wet n Wild Color Icon eye liner in White
-Wet n Wild Color Icon single eye shadow in Penny
-Wet n Wild Color icon single eye shadow in Brulee
-Sonia Kashuk gel liner in Ebony
-L'Oreal Voluminous Million Lashes mascara in Black

-Wet n Wild Color Icon blusher in Mellow Wine

-Wet n Wild Mega Last lip color in 24 Carrot Gold
-Wet n Wild Glassy Gloss (clear)

And here is my makeup tutorial for this look.
Finally, a thumbnail that looks decent!!!

What about you? What was your first date like?


  1. you make pretty looks look so easy !1! love your skin its super flawless


  2. love this! Its perfect for a date!

  3. I seriously love this look! When I saw drumline, I was ALSO in HS so we're probably the same age ;) Mellow Wine is gorgeous! :)

  4. This is gorgeous! Such a soft, pretty look ;) I've had Mellow Wine for ages but I don't think I've gotten around to using it yet.. gotta pull that one to the front of the drawer, it's so pretty!

  5. Gorgeous!!! Oh my that color from wet n wild just stole my heart! I love shades like that, there's this one very similar in a lancome palette I have that I've used so much of, it's really such a soft romantic shade! love the whole look, great job!

  6. This look is beautiful! Make sure you guys also check out this look from Hudabeauty, it's one of my favs!