Thursday, August 23, 2012

FaceOfTheDay: DIY Blue Liner using Wet n Wild Color Icon Eye Shadow in Lagoon

Hey guys, I hope you are having a great week! I want to share my "Face Of The Day" I did a few days ago. I did a really quick and easy blue eye liner look with pink lips using Wet n Wild cosmetics. The cool thing about this look is I made my own blue eye liner using my favorite Wet n Wild Color Icon eye shadow in Lagoon. Read on...

You will need: 
  • a blue eye shadow. I highly recommend Wet n Wild Color Icon eye shadow single in Lagoon. It's a gorgeous medium shimmery blue.
  • an angled eye liner brush. Use a brush with firm bristles because it will pick up more product. 
  • water. Water is magic! It will intensify any eye shadow and make it more vibrant.

  • Take your angled liner brush and dip in a little bit of water. Make sure you don't soak your brush. 
  • Using your damp brush, dip it into the eye shadow. I recommend dipping on the corner or side of the eye shadow.
  • Apply on your upper lash line or lower lash line. You may have to layer a few times but one layer is enough to make the color show. 

Wast that easy or what?

Wet n Wild Color Icon eye shadow in Lagoon

Swatch on my arm

Oh and in case you are wondering, I'm wearing Wet n Wild Mega Last lipstick in Pinkerbell on my lips. It's the perfect pink to match with the blue eye liner. You can see my review and swatches HERE.

I hope you try out this trick and let me know you it turns out.
Thanks for stopping by!


  1. you look very pretty :)

  2. Seeing this, i want brown eyes!! This color looks wonderful on you. I need contacts ughh lol
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  3. pretty! I have a blue liner that is similar to this color that I have used and love it!! Makes for a fun different look :)

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  5. This is very cute & simple, I can't wait to try it out!!

  6. The blue is definitely you! I love your blog! Have you ever tried a reputable eyelash serum? Maybe do a piece comparing the different types available? Keep up the good work ;)

  7. How very fun and easy! Gotta try this some time!

  8. I love this look! I think I'm try this look very soon!

  9. I use this trick a lot and I love it!:X It's so fun!

  10. Hey dear its so beautiful i love it and can't wait to try out. thanks

  11. The blue looks gorgeous on you! Great tips, and yes, an angled brush(and the right one - a quality brush that won't fall apart on your face), is super important to get the right effect and for total precision. Thanks for sharing!

    Glam Girl Naturals

  12. Blue is just everywhere...I'm about to succumb to it.

  13. I love ladies who use a color on their makeup, and this one definitely suits you! ♥ I love how just a little product makes such an impact on the entire look :) Great post!

    I am a new follower :) Hope you can visit my blog too and maybe get a follow back? :) Thank you and more power to you!