Tuesday, September 25, 2012

MyGlam is now Ipsy...beauty by you!

I just got my Myglam or should I say Ipsy...beauty by you package. Myglam has switched to a new name. I'm not sure why, but they say it's the same monthly subscription service where you get awesome deluxe beauty samples from different brands. And I agree! This month's bag is awesome. I love the lip gloss, eye shadow and the smudger brush. It's really worth the $10. I hope they keep it up. 

I checked out the website and I noticed a few changes. It reminds me of Beautylish where its a big community of people who share their passion for makeup and beauty. You can  upload your own videos, makeup looks, like products and make friends. It's pretty cool!

This month's bag is a black satin wrist bag. Isn't it cute? I think it's my favorite bag so far. I like that it's black and can go with any outfits.

SOHO Smudge Brush. This is my favorite in the bag. I can never get enough of makeup brushes, especially a good smudger and works as a crease brush as well. The bristles are really soft and I love the long handle.

Jane Sparkle Gloss. I thought the brand Jane is no longer available. Does this mean they are coming back? It's a pretty deep pink with pink and silver shimmers. It's so pretty!

Circus by Andrea's Choice nail polish in Tightrope. It's a gorgeous purple magenta color. I'm not a nail polish person like I've said many times, but this is a really pretty color. It took about 2 coats to get full coverage.

Carols Daughter Monoi Repairing Split End Sealer. I've heard of this brand before on television being mentioned by many celebrities. I'm pretty excited to try it out. I sure can use a split end sealer for my long hair.

Mirabella eye shadow in Semiformal. It's a gorgeos bronze color with slight silver shimmers. It's not as shimmery so it would definitely work as a crease color. 

A Just Fab coupon was also included. I'm not sure if I will use it, but a coupon is always nice. Overall, I'm really pleased with the bag. It's worth more then $10 and I can definitely see myself using the products..

What do you guys think of this month's MyGlam or Ipsy?
Or what do you think of the new name, Ipsy?
I would love to hear your thoughts.


  1. Becky after seeing your posts and looking over your past glam bags, i'm convinced to sign up lol i've been reading so many negative reviews but seriously they weren't backed up well, just sound like hate or blowing up little things. oh well i still signed up its just 10 bucks better than wasting the money on unhealthy snacks lol

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  3. Great set. I would add to it even perfume evidence brand Yves Rocher

  4. No matter if they change the name as long as the beauty sample products are same quality..:-) http://www.asian-makeup.org

  5. i really love my bag this month! can't wait to get october's bag soon :)


  6. The everyday beauty is great. Have a look at it

  7. I like the name Ipsy! It sounds really fun and cool. I've never tried Carol's Daughter, but I've heard of it and there is a neat story behind the founder, too.

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  9. Myglam is now ipsybeauty. Useful information