Saturday, December 1, 2012

Spotted: Wet n Wild Beauty Ambassador Display at Walgreens...Finally!!!

The Wet n Wild cosmetics display featuring us, Beauty Ambassadors has been out for quite awhile now. But can you believe I barely got to see it in person last week? Cray cray! (cray cray is the new word I learned from the girls at work. The word annoys me, but I catch myself saying it a lot. It means really crazy. I'm crazy!) Thanks to one of my follower/friend Abby (@ohmyblush on Instagram) who informed me where to find it. I was all smiles when I saw it. It felt surreal to see my face in the store. I wonder if people actually look at our faces and read our quotes or do they just grab the product and leave? Regardless, I'm very thankful to Wet n Wild for this super cool once in a life time opportunity.


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Here is a closer look of my face and my quote. My favorite from the 99cents line are their lip liners. They are creamy, easy to apply and last longer than lipstick. I highly recommend the shade Willow. It's a natural nude that goes with any eye makeup I do.

There is a QR code you can scan with your smart phone that will take you directly to my blog! It's so cool!


Let me know if you have spotted the display at your local drugstore.
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  1. If only make up were ever that cheap and great here! I'm sure more girls would be able to experiment and try out make up then! I'd be really stoked for a chance like that, I'm sure plenty of people will take a look too and realize you're not just someone being hired to promote the item but you're actually using them on your own!

  2. Congrats and i love that Wet n Wild acknowledges beauty bloggers.

  3. wow thats so neat. congrats!

    visit me, i just started :)

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  5. that is awesome! i'm a beauty advisor at walgreens as well and have a small display , where did you go to get your cardboard display? It looks amazing :)


  6. The wet and wild beauty amabassador is shown on the post here. Know all about it

  7. This is so cool and congratulations! And wow, such cheap makeup :) It will never be this cheap in Australia :(

  8. The wet and wild beauty ambassodar is shared in the post here