Sunday, March 3, 2013

Birthday Month Recap! *PIC HEAVY* 2013

Oh February! I don't know whether to love or hate you? You weren't very good to me in the beginning but you redeemed yourself and made it all better in the end. Please read on to understand what I'm talking about lol.

Feb 2, 2013 
I was rushed to the ER due to severe headaches. Great way to start my birthday month. My headaches were on and off 2 weeks prior and it became worse to the point where I was unable to function and it felt like my head was going to explode. Literally. It was pretty scary and made El Hubby Cakes scared as well. They ran some test and found nothing wrong, but maybe a flu. I tested negative for flu, but they still prescribed Tamiflu just in case. What did helped, well at least at the moment, was the pain killers. I wanted more. I was relaxed like I was floating hehe...

I was discharged the next day and my mom visited me at the apt. I was so happy to see her. I missed her so much. I cried her name when I was in pain. I just wanted my mom to be next to me so she can make my headache go away. Moms has that super power, you know? I felt better 2 days later and I was able to go back to work. However, the headaches slowly came back....

 photo PhotoGrid_1359920471449_zps0f1e9305.png

Feb 7, 2013
My Birthday. Woke up with a severe headache. Whoo hoo! I still went to work though and managed to put a little bit of makeup on so I could at least look decent. I passed out when I got home and to my surprise, I woke up to all my favorite food. El hubby Cakes got me all my favorite Filipino food that brought me back to childhood. 

 photo IMG_3866_zps505a30ff.jpg

Mango Cake from Red Ribbon and Magnolia Ube ice cream. So good. Every bite was heaven. If you guys have't had Red Ribbon cakes, I highly recommend it. It's a Filipino bake shop and restaurant. They make really good cakes and pastries. 

 photo IMG_3889_zpsf8c99b31.jpg

A breakfast plate of Bangus (Milkfish), longganisa, egg and garlic fried rice and Garlic Chicken from Chow King.

 photo IMG_3846_zps2bc8686b.jpg photo IMG_3851_zpsde6a78ad.jpg

And of course, I had to have spaghetti. And not just any spaghetti, Filipino spaghetti from Jolibee. Super sweet and peppery!

 photo IMG_3841_zpsf146f7b3.jpg

My mom brought me her homemade Kare-Kare, a peanut stew with meat and vegetables. It was so good, I almost cried while eating lol. I really missed my mom's food.

 photo IMG_3880_zpsd11623b9.jpg

 photo IMG_3887_zpsbf9e8a3c.jpg

February 9, 2012
My closest friends and I threw a big combined birthday party for us. I almost didn't show up because I was still feeling the bad headaches. But we have been planning for awhile and there was no way I was going to miss it. I just took it easy and left early.  

 photo IMG_4018_zps128ceb5e.jpg
Monica (Feb 18), Grace (Feb 10), Lupe (Feb 18) and me (Feb 7)

We had Tres Leches cake and of course, Lupe's special Chocoflan.
 photo IMG_4045_zps913ea8a7.jpg photo IMG_4036_zpsa087749c.jpg

 photo IMG_4047_zpsa4a1c3c8.jpg

My friend Lupe made 3 kinds of Ceviche: crab, fish and shrimp. She also made the guacamole and Salsa. Everything was delicious!

 photo IMG_3943_zps2a93d352.jpg

I made this gorgeous plate of Chicken and Shrimp Lumpia. It's labor of love. I almost passed out trying to roll these bad boys lol. I'm just glad everyone loved it. 

 photo IMG_3947_zps320d839a.jpg

Feb 18, 2012
It's my friend Lupe's birthday and we decided to go to Benihana and use our birthday coupons. $30 worth of free food is pretty freakin' awesome. Just sign up for their email news letter so you can get yours too!

It was Lupe's first time and she really enjoyed her self. The food was really good and it was fun to see the chef cook our food and do a few tricks in front of us. We're going to make it a tradition every year!

 photo IMG_7297_zpsf097981d.jpg

 photo IMG_7290_zpsdd2fe7b7.jpg photo 20130218_144240_zps47b434d2.jpg

 photo IMG_7301_zps7d42e3a4.jpg

Our chef was the same guy from last year lol. See him HERE

 photo IMG_7310_zps1c91766e.jpg photo IMG_7314_zps0e23657c.jpg

 photo IMG_7321_zps2f0eb194.jpg photo IMG_7319_zps291f595f.jpg

 photo IMG_7322_zpse937129e.jpg photo IMG_7329_zps3261ae1e.jpg

We started with half orders of Shrimp Tempura Roll and Las Vegas Roll. Yummy!

 photo IMG_7306_zpsad9a8aa5.jpg photo IMG_73051_zpsc8d75409.jpg

Edemamde and Salad

 photo IMG_7304_zps8768ae52.jpg photo IMG_7307_zps4c57b536.jpg

Onion soup and 2 kinds of dipping sauces

 photo IMG_7300_zps38347ab7.jpg photo IMG_7316_zps5d1410b8.jpg

Chicken Fried Rice. So freakin' good. It's super garlicky! 

 photo IMG_7315_zps3341ebab.jpg

Lupe and I had the Hibachi Steak. It came with a side of mushrooms, zucchini, onions and shrimp. My steak was cooked medium. Very tasty!

 photo IMG_7330_zpsfbcab476.jpg

Monica has the Mango Salmon with a side of shrimp, zucchini and sweet potatoes. It looked really good.

 photo IMG_7324_zpseeac7583.jpg

For dessert we had complimentary ice cream. 

 photo IMG_7333_zpsf0ded60b.jpg

So that's my birthday month. I still had a great time even though I was sick for the most part. And oh,  what helped me get better was a shot of antibiotics on the butt that my primary doctor gave me. The last time I got a shot on the butt was when I was 4 years old lol. It hurt like hell, but I felt better the next day. I really need to take of my health better. I don't ever want to get sick like that again.

Thank you for stopping by. Happy belated birthday to all the Feb babies out there!


  1. Oh no, I am sorry you have been having bad headaches - but now I am so hungry from all the pictures!!! I LOVE lumpia!

  2. Happy belated birthday hun and I hope you are feeling better! As a migraine sufferer I know how crippling frequent headaches can be :(

  3. Happy Belated Birthday! I do hope and prayer you feel better soon. XOXO

  4. Happy Belated Birthday! Seems like you had loads of fun! Hope you are feeling better!

  5. how do you make your lumpia. mine never come out like that...

  6. Hi, i was searching for kare kare recipe and your mom's kare kare photo came up. It looks so good! Does she mind sharing her recipe?

  7. Hi, i was searching for kare kare recipe and your mom's kare kare photo came up. It looks so good! Does she mind sharing her recipe?