Saturday, June 8, 2013

Generation Beauty Experience! *PIC HEAVY*

I had the most amazing experience at the Generation Beauty Event last weekend. I can't stop talking about it to my friends, family and El Hubby Cakes. I was nervous and anxious because I didn't know what to expect and I was supposed to meet with another beauty blogger, but she ended up not going so I was by myself O_o. But I met some girls while I was in line and one of my youtube subscriber recognized me so we all ended up hanging out with each other. They were so nice and sweet. I was so lucky to have met them.

What is Generation Beauty?
Generation Beauty is a 3 day beauty event created/organized by Ipsy and Michelle Phan for all the beauty gurus, bloggers or beauty lovers to come together and network with beauty brands, meet other beauty gurus, attend work shops, get freebies and simply have a girly wholesome fun! This is nothing like any beauty event I've ever been to.

It was from March 31st to June 2nd, 2013
March 31st Friday- Early Bird registration (Optional)
June 1st Saturday- Gen Beauty Day 1. Registration. We were given a pink bag with a schedule booklet and happy hour tickets.
June 2nd Sunday- Gen Beauty Day 2

 photo IMG_8465_zpsa3db783c.jpg photo IMG_20130601_104743_zpseda3ca89.jpg

Let me just share my thoughts on the main things we did at the event...

-I was able to meet and speak with some of the beauty brand directors. I gotta say, I was quite surprise how nice they were. I told them about my blog and beauty channel and I got their business cards. Hopefully I can collaborate with them in the future. I also met other known beauty gurus on Youtube and got a picture with them.

 photo IMG_8534_zpse93353f2.jpg
...with the creators and founders of New Girl Expo Ashley, Joan (not pictured) and Dany G. I will do a separate post on them.

Workshops and Meet n Greet
-All the workshops was designed for us beauty bloggers/vlogger's help our channels grow. I love all the workshops. They were very helpful. I went to Michelle Phan's workshop where she talked about video production tips, lighting, what camera to use and etc. Charis of CharismastarTV talked about how to stay positive and real in your videos. She is far by the best speaker of the event. She was full of life and energy and so uplifting. She is exactly how she is in her videos. I love her even more. Andrea of Andreaschoice talked about how to deal with haters. This is a serious issue in the Youtube community or internet in general. People will say mean things behind the computer without thinking twice. She gave some helpful tips on how to deal with them.

 photo IMG_8520_zps29c4fbd5.jpg photo IMG_8518_zpsfa7a4aa4.jpg
How Michelle Phan pretty much film her videos. Amazing isn't it? Before she used to film by herself, but now she has a camera to help her.

 photo IMG_8501_zps7e93a75c.jpg photo IMG_8496_zps248ca8cc.jpg
With Promise Phan and Judy Burrr of Itsjudytime. They are so nice and sweet. I hope they don't ever change. 

 photo IMG_8475_zps9fc95ce2.jpg photo IMG_8474_zpsa406914f.jpg
with Charis and Nicole Guerriero. I love Charis even more. She was such an amazing speaker. And look at Nicole! She's perfect. Legs for DAYS!!!

 photo IMG_8577_zps8556aaa7.jpg photo IMG_8580_zpsa3194df3.jpg

This was super fun. We were able to get our nails, brows, makeup and hair done. On Day 2, I got my makeup done 3x lol. Went to MakeUpForEver, BH Cosmetics and Pixi lol. All we had to do was sign up and wait for them to call our names. Also, Shoutout to all the hair stylist at SexyHair. They are so talented and amazing!

 photo IMG_8538_zpsdd474b6c.jpg photo IMG_20130602_112656_zps8be9f43b.jpg
My mini makeover at the MakeUpForEver.

 photo IMG_20130602_104551_zpsfcf44d01.jpg photo IMG_20130602_174302_zps831ddbd3.jpg
@MakeupMonster , Flo and I getting our hair done at the Sexy Hair booth! They did our hair super fast!

 photo IMG_20130602_002220_zpsdd381017.jpg photo IMG_8509_zps15570773.jpg
I got a brow makeover at Anastasia Beverly Hills. The makeup artist told me that my arch was off lol. She made my brows round and thick. Took some time to get used to, but I liked it.

Photobooth and Benefit cosmetics
Who doesn't like taking pictures? Definitely enjoyed ourselves at the Benefit cosmetics photo booth. There were fun and silly props and the photo printed in minutes. Also, Benefit printed out all the Insgatram photos with #genbeauty and picked them up at the end of the day. It was so much fun!!!

 photo BFZ9VG_zpsc02c709a.gif photo 72GIW8_zps0d40103f.gif

 photo AWAI6Z_zpsea5f0400.gif photo 0427-GI3P7Y1_zps3faf7030.gif

 photo IMG_8488_zpsf2582b38.jpg

Giveaway and Freebies
This is my favorite part! All the sponsors were so kind and generous to give all kinds of samples and full size products. They were giving away makeup like water! No joke! We had tickets in our bag and During Happy Hour, all we had to do was go to each booth and give our tickets to redeem our samples. Some gave us samples size, some gave us full size!!! Also, they had giveaways going on through out the day where we won full size products. For example, in the beginning of the event, my new friends and I did a Scavenger hunt sponsored by Smashbox cosmetics. All we had to do was take a photo in front of a restaurant, The Grammy's museum, then post them on Instagram and Twitter with #smashboxcosmetics #genbeauty and we showed our work to Smashbox and they gave us a black mesh bag filled with full size Smashbox cosmetics. Just like that! So thankful for all the sponsors. I can't wait to try and review all the products we received.

 photo IMG_20130601_133652_zps32245555.jpg photo IMG_20130601_115738_zps547f05fb.jpg
Got a full size Bare Mineral lipstick for posting this photo of me wearing Bare Minerals lip gloss. 

 photo IMG_20130601_114714_zps1bea834f.jpg photo IMG_20130601_113924_zpscbd79487.jpg
Photos we took for the Smashbox treasure hunt giveaway...

 photo IMG_20130602_205354_zps5e5c000c.jpg

My friend Pammy of StepNRepeat designing her makeup bag at the SOHO booth.

 photo CYMERA_20130603_173026_zps1874e984.jpg photo Screenshot_2013-06-08-19-00-06_zps8f79afd1.png
All the FREE goodies we got and Flora lusting over happy hour tickets lol. She's too funny!

There were food trucks right outside of the tent. I had a delicious Maine Lobster Roll from a seafood truck and it was delish!!! There were also restaurants nearby if people didn't want food trucks.

 photo IMG_8536_zpsb6f77726.jpg photo IMG_8535_zps1830e9ca.jpg

More photos...

 photo IMG_8468_zps6b792ba3.jpg

 photo IMG_8470_zps3efdb07f.jpg

 photo IMG_8497_zps0833cbd5.jpg

 photo IMG_8508_zps72af5ba4.jpg photo IMG_8504_zpsf3bd2a23.jpg

 photo IMG_8505_zps6915f889.jpg

 photo IMG_8506_zpsf234d5a2.jpg

 photo IMG_8507_zpsee7ecc85.jpg

Overall Experience
Again, I had an amazing time. Words are not enough to express my gratitude to everyone at Ipsy, all the staff, volunteers, Michelle Phan and all the sponsors for making Generation Beauty happen. I definitely recommend going next year!!!

I will do a separate post on all the goodies I got!

You can already register and buy the tickets for next year HERE!!!


  1. Oh I think I'll try and go next year! This looks like a lot of fun! :)

    1. You really should! They are already selling tickets for next year :)

  2. What an AMAZING event! Wish they had something like this in the Bay Area!

  3. Oh wow! You're so lucky!

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  4. awwwh sounds like you had an amazing time

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  6. That's a great event! It looks you enjoy it well.:)

    -- ReaPinpin makeup Artist

  7. Hey I have a question! Do we get goodie bags both days? And it's two days correct? I bought my ticket for NY!