Sunday, June 9, 2013

Generation Beauty SWAG BAG!!! *PIC HEAVY*

I want to start this post my saying thank you to everyone at Ipsy, FAWN, Michelle Phan, all the volunteers and sponsors at Generation Beauty. On my recent post HERE, I talked about my amazing experience at this event where I met great people, networked with beauty brands and received some awesome goodies. It was truly a memorable experience and I can't wait to go again next year!

All these goodies are combination of Day 1 & 2. Everything were given to us for FREE!!!

Each participant received this super cute bag with a GB logo on it. It had the schedule, welcome note and happy hour tickets in exchange for the goodies.

 photo IMG_5952_zpsb98102d2.jpg

Generation Beauty sponsors. Thank you!

 photo IMG_6034_zpsf0162f74.jpg

 photo IMG_6010_zps80dbc71d.jpg
Bare Minerals Moxie Marvelous lipstick and lipgloss and eye shadow duo. I'm so excited about these new goodies. At the BM booth, I was able to try on their Moxie lip gloss. It had some kind of minty feel to it and it wasn't too sticky. I really liked it. I was given the lipsticks by taking a photo of myself wearing their Moxie lipgloss and post it on Instagram with #genbeauty. How awesome was that?

 photo IMG_6006_zps8e7fa1f4.jpg
Proavtiv Refining Mash and Green Tea Moisturizer. I tried the moisturizer yesterday and I love it! So light and non greasy. 

 photo IMG_5974_zps64cbd736.jpg photo IMG_5977_zps7ea7807b.jpg
Sheer Cover Eye Palette in Nude Eyes. It was given the same time as the Refining Mask. I didn't even know this line had their own makeup. The colors are so pretty. I can't wait to try them. 

 photo IMG_5986_zpsc99d3eef.jpg
Big Sexy Hair Soy Renewal Beach Spray and Powder Play. I'm a  big fan of Sexy Hair now! After seeing the hair stylist at the event, I'm more inspired to really put some more love to my hair lol.

 photo IMG_5955_zpsde6bbfc3.jpg photo IMG_5954_zpsbc2e0909.jpg

NYX cosmetics really blew us away when they gave us these eye shadow palettes. All I've Ever Wanted Box and Nude on Nude. Aren't they gorgeous? It comes with eye shadows, blushes and lip colors. I can't wait to play with them.

 photo IMG_5956_zps9fe7506e.jpg photo IMG_59651_zpsa049ba35.jpg

More goodies from NYX. These were given to us while we were standing in the NYX booth  during a workshop. 6 full size NYX products. Unbelievable!

 photo IMG_6005_zpsfbdb1269.jpg photo IMG_6002_zps6bf953dc.jpg

 photo IMG_5997_zps63685a8e.jpg
Anastasia Beverly Hills Lash Genius and Brow Gel. I've already tried both of these and they are awesome!

 photo IMG_6009_zps1652aa61.jpg
Benefit They're Real mascara and Benetint (full size and sample). The full size products were a prize from a mini giveaway. All we had to do was Tweet our favorite Benefit product and #BenefitBeauty #GenBeauty. Easy. I've never tried neither of these so I'm sooo excited!

 photo IMG_5983_zps8fdfb4ee.jpg
Nicole by OPI nail polishes. I'm not a nail polish person, but I sure appreciate these gorgeous colors. Super hot yellow and gold glitters top coat. 

 photo IMG_6012_zps0fdfa47e.jpg photo IMG_6013_zps05babdd1.jpg
Our Smashbox cosmetics goodies we won from a simple treasure hunt. Full size Smash box makeup!!!

 photo IMG_5987_zps2a0e8e31.jpg
Temptu Base Smooth and Matte Primer and Undereye Concealer. This is my first time trying anything from Temptu and I'm so excited. Sorry for saying excited a gazillion times. I really am excited lol. I already tried the under eye concealer and I like it. I can surely use the matte primer in my freelance kit.

 photo IMG_6007_zpsfce7eecf.jpg
A full size blending brush from BH cosmetics. They also gave us a full size gel liner but I gave it to my aunt lol.

 photo IMG_6008_zps74cec2f6.jpg
Pacifica Dream Youth Day and Night face cream and Color Quench Lip Tint. I just love the packaging and colors. The ladies at Pacifa were wonderful. They were so nice and sweet. 

 photo IMG_6011_zpsd854a3ba.jpg
TAT2U lip creme extreme and Tatoo pen (no pictured). It was my first time hearing about this brand. They specialize in body art products. 

 photo IMG_6030_zps387d5c13.jpg
Honest Tea was right outside of the tent giving away free tea if you follow them on Instagram. I got Pomegranate tea (not pictured) and a bracelet. So refreshing!

 photo IMG_5984_zpsa89b15fa.jpg
Soho and PIXI gave us a super cute makeup bag with 5 full size PIXI products inside. WOW! I was able to try some PIXI products at the event and I was so impressed!!!

 photo IMG_6014_zps004311f1.jpg
SOHO foundation brush. I'm a sucker for makeup brushes so I was excited to receive one. I've never tried any of their brushes before.

 photo IMG_6031_zps5cc25e11.jpg
And last but not least, they also gave us an Ipsy bag with random products inside. Mine was a Nailtini nail polish

Whew...that was a long post lol. Again, thank you to all the sponsors!!!
Hope you all liked the photos. Don't forget to sign up for Generation Beauty next year! Go HERE.


  1. These look amazing. A lot of testing out and posting about these I hope :)

    Beauty Bubble Blog

  2. Wow! I cant believe how many freebies you got! Id love to go to this *sigh* maybe next year!

    A Lovely Allure

    1. Hi Michelle. YOu should definitely come next year!

  3. oh my gosh... This products are really amazing, I have tried lots of make up brushes. I think Sigma Synthetic Kabuki brush is much alike SOHO foundation brush.

  4. You got all of this for free. :0 I think I am going this year. How easy is it to get free stuff at generation beauty and what brands were there