Saturday, June 8, 2013

Official Makeup Vlogger of EAST LOS HIGH, a HULU exclusive series

Hey guys, I'm so excited to announce an exciting collaboration with the web series East Los High.  East Los High is a show about high school kids in East Los Angeles who struggles to live the day to day pressures of high school. It's nothing I've you've ever seen. It's full of drama, suspense, mystery, romance and s.e.x. You're gonna love it! The  show is dear to me because it's shot here in the beautiful Los Angeles, my home town! And each character in the show reminds of of people I used to know in high school, which I won't mention lol.

And I was chosen to be the official Makeup Vlogger where I will have makeup tutorials (total of 7 videos) on how to recreate some of the character's looks as well as give makeup tips and more. All the episodes as well as my makeup vidoes will be on on and Hulu plus.

 photo EastLosHigh_zps854d64c9.jpg

El Hubby Cakes and I signed up for Hulu plus so we can see my videos. It's so weird to see my face on there lol. 

 photo 20130604_104208_zps73374efc.jpg

 photo 20130604_104303_zps7f017c8d.jpg

So blessed and thankful to be a part of this amazing project. Thank you to East Los High and The Alchemist production for giving me this opportunity. They have been so helpful, patient and really kind. Please support EAST LOS HIGH by watching the show. You're gonna be glued!

Head on to to watch the episodes, my makeup videos and learn more about the characters!


  1. Omg Congrats!!! I found the East Los High web series on hulu last week and I finished the whole season within 3 days!! I was hooked!!! Great show and super exciting that you were picked to do the tutorials!!