Thursday, June 27, 2013

Wet n Wild Pop Art Craze Coloricon Eye Shadow Trio Collection Review/Swactches *Limited Edition*

Happy Thursday, everyone!!! Few more days and you can get your hands on the new limited edition Pop Art Craze Coloricon Eye Shadow Trio by Wet n Wild. Ever since they discontinued the I Heart Matte palette, which everyone loved, many of you has been asking WnW to bring it back or come out with matte eye shadows. I'm happy to say that Wet n Wild listened and here they are! This Summer collection consist of brights and pastels with mostly matte finish. It comes in a white packaging which makes them stand out from the rest of the Wet n Wild trios.

 photo IMG_5893_zpsbae0e91e.jpg

I took photos of the colors and swatches with and without a flash to hopefully capture the true colors of the eye shadows. I hope you guys find my review and swatches helpful!

Your 15 Minutes Aren't Up! 34164

 photo IMG_6587_zps3f0a6a49.jpg
 photo IMG_6588_zps76bb85d4.jpg
 photo IMG_6591_zps3d518fff.jpg
 photo IMG_6593_zpsa00d91da.jpg

This trio screams Summer to me, but the colors are more pastel than it appears on the pan. Pastel Yellow (slight satin finish) is the most pigmented in the trio. It's more of a soft yellow when swatched.  The Purple (matte) and Magenta (slight satin finish) are not as pigmented as I would like so I recommend applying with a sponge tip applicator to get the maximum color pay off.

with and without flash

 photo IMG_6594_zpsf1499837.jpg photo IMG_6597_zpsfe5016ad.jpg

with and without flash swatched over Fergie For my Primas Eye Primer on my arm.

 photo IMG_6607_zps5a38342b.jpg photo IMG_6602_zps83928c9d.jpg

A Regular At The Factory 34165
 photo IMG_6569_zps1b38b6ac.jpg
 photo IMG_6570_zps6d8f354f.jpg
 photo IMG_6572_zpsad091e59.jpg
 photo IMG_6575_zps0c8bf261.jpg

This trio also screams Summer. The Buttery Yellow (slight satin) is pigmented and smooth as such a beautiful color. The Blue Teal (matte) is extremely bright and true to color. It's pigmented and easy to blend. It's my favorite in the trio. The Burnt Orange (slight satin) is not as pigmented yet pretty! Apply using a sponge tip to get the maximum color pay off.

 photo IMG_6577_zps1f91bf0a.jpg photo IMG_6578_zps990b56e0.jpg

 photo IMG_65801_zps2489c229.jpg photo IMG_6584_zps339a4d9c.jpg

Hard Being The It Girl 34166

 photo IMG_6549_zps41056fc8.jpg
 photo IMG_6550_zps18eba69c.jpg
 photo IMG_6552_zpsff05f0b8.jpg
 photo IMG_6553_zpsa2d06439.jpg

This palette reminds me of Easter. Such a cute trio. The Baby Pink (matte) is pigmented pastel pink color that's easy to apply. The Blue (matte) is bright on the pan but is subtle on the swatch. It's very pigmented and easy to apply too. Cream (matte) is such a beautiful soft cream color. It would be a great highlighter on the brow bone and eyelids.

with and without flash

 photo IMG_6556_zps5d84d44d.jpg photo IMG_6559_zpsb54034cd.jpg

Swatches over Fergie For My Primas Eye Primer on my arm.

with and without flash
 photo IMG_6564_zpseccdce6f.jpg photo IMG_6567_zps5fe5e1f6.jpg

Three's A Party 34167

 photo IMG_6660_zpsa5c79ce8.jpg
 photo IMG_6664_zps45c1c183.jpg
 photo IMG_6665_zps6483e539.jpg

This is probably my favorite one out of the collection in terms of colors, texture and pigmentation. White (matte), Red (matte) and Black (matte) are all true to colors. The red is really red. The black is really black. They are extremely pigmented and easy to apply. I can't to play with the red eye shadow.

with and without flash

 photo IMG_6667_zps85f654fd.jpg photo IMG_6670_zps37b51562.jpg

Swatches over Fergie For My Primas Eye Primer on my arm

with and without flash

 photo IMG_6673_zpsd01bac13.jpg photo IMG_6678_zps43e7f2ab.jpg

I'm Seeing Triples 34168

 photo IMG_6509_zpsb1a9dbbb.jpg
 photo IMG_6510_zpsfee0e541.jpg
 photo IMG_6511_zps451cecfd.jpg
 photo IMG_6515_zpsb7fe555e.jpg

The Yellow Green (matte), Ocean Blue (matte) are both my favorites in the trio. They are bright, pigmented and easy to apply. I want to play with these colors soon.
The Raspberry (matte) appears more brighter in the pan than swatch. Not as pigmented but nonetheless, a beautiful color.

 photo IMG_6516_zpsa5de1363.jpg photo IMG_6518_zps38260584.jpg

 photo IMG_6523_zps58f7f469.jpg photo IMG_6527_zps55235a23.jpg

To Muse Carouse 34169

 photo IMG_6528_zps31f6c744.jpg
 photo IMG_6529_zpsd967f4e7.jpg
 photo IMG_6532_zps20778677.jpg
 photo IMG_6535_zps0e880945.jpg

Peach (matte) is a gorgeous peach color. The Brown (matte) is gorgeous as well. It has a slight sheen to it on the swatch but it's absolutely matte to the naked eye. It's at true brown that's soft, pigmented, easy to blend and apply. I love it! The Baby Blue (matte) is also soft, pigmented and easy to apply.

with and without flash

 photo IMG_6537_zpsf8b78536.jpg photo IMG_6539_zps169f0df5.jpg

Swatched over Fergie For My Primas Eye Primer on my arm

with and without flash
 photo IMG_6546_zpsdc2a6af2.jpg photo IMG_6542_zpsd5677009.jpg

Overall, I enjoyed the whole collection. I'm a sucker for bright colors and I can definitely sport them this Summer. I love how the finish of the eye shadows are mostly mattes. Even the one's with a slight satin finish can pass as matte because the sheen is not too noticeable. Most of the eye shadows are pigmented and easy to apply and even the ones that were a bit stiff and weren't too pigmented are okay with me as long as I use a primer and use a sponge applicator to apply. If I were you, I would get my butt to the drugstores in July so I can snag them all before they sold out.

These retail for $2.99 at your local drugstores in July 2013.

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  1. Judging from the swatches, I feel like Three's A Party is the most valuable one. They are so rich! I'm gonna pass this collection I guess. Thank you for the swatches. I highly appreciate it. :)

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