Sunday, July 21, 2013

The Body Shop Vineyard Peach Body Lotion and Body Scrub Review/Photos

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Peach lovers, rejoice!!! The Body Shop's Vineyard Peach is back!!! It was first launched last Summer as a limited edition. I was still working at The Body Shop then, and I remember the line being a big hit among customers. You will never find any other product that smells like fresh sliced peaches. It's absolutely divine. Now it's back as part of their seasonal line long with Papaya, Blueberries, Passion Fruit and Coconut Shimmer

Read on for my review...

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Vineyard Peach Body Lotion $12

In comparison to the Body Butter, the body lotion provides lightweight moisture. It's best used for hot and humid weather. It's non sticky and easily gets absorbed into the skin. And again, it smells like fresh peaches that's not too over powering. It's has real peach extract, Shea butter and Brazil nut oil. It's absolutely wonderful.

Main Ingredients:
 Star Ingredients Wild peach extract Mediterranean peach kernel oil Community Fair Trade shea butter from Ghana Community Fair Trade brazil nut oil from Peru (taken from

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Vineyard Peach Cream Body Scrub $20

It has crushed coconut shells, peach seed powder to exfoliate the skin. I found to be mild compare to their other cream body scrub (eg. Coconut). I also has real Peach extract that gives a light peach scent. It's best to use once a week to get rid of the dead skin cells on the body. It leaves my skin feeling smooth, but a tad dry, so make sure you follow up with Peach body lotion or body butter.

Main Ingredients
Wild peach extract Mediterranean peach kernel oil Community Fair Trade organic soya oil from Brazil Community Fair Trade organic babassu oil from Brazil Community Fair Trade marula oil from Namibia.

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They are only available for the Summer, so make sure you check them out at your local Body Shop or check them out online and take advantage of their BUY2GET1 FREE deal.

Have you tried The Body Shop's Vineyard Peach line?


  1. I picked up the body cream last week and can't get enough :) After reading this I'm gonna have to go back for the rest I think!!

    1. Hi Barbara. I hooe you get the body scrub. It's amaziiiiing!

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  3. I have dry skin all year round but especially in the winter, most lotions don't do too much or don't keep my skin moistened all day but once I tried this body lotion I have not changed, even in the winter it keeps my skin from getting as dry and tight as it used to.