Saturday, September 14, 2013

REVIEW/SWATCH: VIP Cosmetics Lipstick Gloss in Violet

Hot purple lipstick! Who's down?! I received so many compliments on my Facebook and Instagram when I posted a makeup look featuring this super gorgeous lipstick gloss in Violet from VIP cosmetics. The color is so unique and nothing I've ever tried before. It glides on smooth, non drying and has a longevity of a lip stain. I'm obsessed!

Read on for my review...

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VIP cosmetics is a makeup brand based in Germany and they specialized in quality makeup comparable to high end department store makeup for a reasonable price. It's my first time trying their brand and I really like it. It seems like they put a lot of thought and effort with their products. Learn more about them HERE. I

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Violet is a deep violet shade with slight hues of magenta. It has a duo chrome quality to it because the shade changes when you move or when the light hits it. It has a slight glossy/metallic finish so no need for lip gloss.

I love the smooth texture. It applies very easily without tugging the lips. It had medium coverage yet build-able. I suggest to let set to dry every application to get maximum coverage.

I'm amazed with the longevity. It reminds me of a lip stain. Went on a birthday party. I ate and drank and I noticed there wasn't any lipstick stain on my glass of water. It stayed on pretty well for a good 5 hours before I noticed a little fading. I re-applied with one coat after eating and it was able to last for the rest of the night. See the before and after photo below.

It retails for $11 and is available on their website That is a great price for the quality. I wouldn't mind paying more for it.

 photo IMG_9353_zps0ef0ce23.jpg

 photo IMG_9355_zpsbc6ed242.jpg

 photo IMG_9354_zps537302a6.jpg

 photo IMG_9358_zps64f9b369.jpg

Swatch on my arm with and without a flash.

 photo IMG_9360_zpsa99812b4.jpg photo IMG_9362_zpse630242a.jpg

How it looks on me. I just love the color. It compliments my medium/tan skin tone very well.

 photo IMG_9294_zps4effa9cf.jpg

Left is freshly applied lipstick. Right is how it looks after 8 hours (I had to re apply with one coast after eating). Pretty amazing isn't it?

 photo IMG_9289_zps7d43dc58.jpg photo IMG_9304_zps6daeffb9.jpg

Overall, I really love it and I don't have anything negative to say. I highly recommend it to anyone who's looking for a bold lip color with amazing quality and longevity.

If you're interested in purchasing this lipstick, simply click HERE

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  1. Oh wow, wonderful colour - looks really good!

  2. It's sooo pretty on you. Brings out all your best features :D

  3. You look so pretty! ♥

    xx, Edda

  4. Oh my, this is an awesome metallic and super bright purple! I think the finish is amazing, I would love this in pink!

  5. This looks so gorgeous on your lips!! I love the metallic finish it has!! ;)

  6. Unique colors, they really make your lips stand out! Love it!

  7. the colour is beautiful, but these are my problem with purple lipstick, they have one tone by itself but when we put in our lips they have another!

  8. I love all of your makeup looks, however I think this is just really awful. Reminds me of a transgender in drag. It's a NO-GO

  9. WOW the lipstick looks so scary in the bullet but you totally rock it! :)
    My Makeup Blog!