Friday, November 29, 2013

It's Total Beauty's biggest collections ever with 15 different products!

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     It’s time to skip those lines and save some time this holiday season. Total Beauty's Holiday Beauty Collection is their biggest Mystery collection yet and it's packed with 15 products to nourish, soothe and beautify this winter. This is the perfect stocking stuffer or holiday gift for anyone on your list!

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I will reveal all the products in the collection very soon!

Thanksgiving Makeup Look

Hey Loves, I hope you all had a wonderful Thanksgiving with lots of love and food. I had Thanksgiving with my family in Los Angeles. We had traditional Filipino feast, "Kamayan" style, which means to eat with your hands. Fod was served on banana leaves and we ate with our hands. Very primitive, oh yeah! And no turkey. We haven't had turkey in 2 years. My aunt makes awesome turkey, but the fam only eats a little bit of it lol. Follow my personal Instagram to see the food @rebekkahceleste

This is the look I wore on Thanksgiving. It's been awhile since I had a full makeup on so my skills are a bit rough. I was inspired by the colors of Thanksgiving: orange, browns, gold and berry tones. They look so beautiful together and adds a nice warmth to the eyes.

 photo cassy3_zps8ad08cc4.jpg

For the eye makeup, I used the Wet n Wild Fergie Jet Set makeup palette. It a big makeup box that  has eye shadows, blushers, lip colors and etc. Available exclusively at Walgreens for $30. I will post a review and swatches of the colors soon.

 photo IMG_0200_zps63dba58d.jpg photo IMG_1188_zps213da3bc.jpg

Makeup used...

-Stila perfecting concealer (applied on blemishes using my finger)
-MUFE HD liquid foundation (applied all over the face using a stippling brush)
-Revlon Colorstay liquid concealer in Medium (applied under the eyes for brightness)
-MUFE HD powder (brushed lightly all over the face to set the makeup)

-Wet n Wild Fergie for my primas eye primer (applied on the lids to prevent eye shadow creasing)
-Wet n Wild Fergie Jet Set makeup palette (orange and gold above the crease, deep berry and brown on the outer corner and shimmery light berry on the lids)
-Wet n Wild Fergie Turn Up the Volume mascara
-Urban Decay eye liner pencil in zero (applied on the upper lash liner and water line)

-Milani Mosaic powder bronzer in Afterglow (applied on the hollow of the cheeks)

-lip liner in NYC lip liner pencil in Naughty Nude (line the entire lips to prevent the lipstick from bleeding)
-Wet n Wild Mega Last lip color in 903 

 photo IMG_1152_zps8d423172.jpg

 photo IMG_1133_zps39a805fb.jpg

 photo IMG_1171_zps60bb739f.jpg

 photo IMG_1168_zpsf4dac6c6.jpg

 photo IMG_1149_zps974b31a6.jpg

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Saturday, November 23, 2013

EM Cosmetics Shade Play Lip Color Mixing Palette in MIX IT UP PINKS

I am so excited about Michelle Phan's new makeup line. She's the OG of the makeup YouTube community. She's one of the first people to do makeup tutorials online back in 2007. I'm a big fan of her and her videos. They are so helpful and professional. She has definitely come a long way, and her makeup line is a reflection of her hard work and success. Her line has been out our months now and although it offers a lot of makeup I would like to try, I was only able to get the lip mixing palette along with eye shadow samples. It's considered a high end brand with a hefty price tag, so the other makeup would just have to wait ^_^.

 photo IMG_1008_zpsc5e56259.jpg

Em cosmetics Shade Play Lip Color Mixing Palette in Mix it up Pinks $28.00- "Inspired by a girl who loves to play with color! Mix, play, create! The possibilities are infinite with a range of shades and finishes from glossy to classic matte." (taken from

Honestly, I'm not a big fan of lip palettes. I just never use them unless if it's for a makeup gig. I'd rather use a regular lipstick on myself. But after seeing her video tutorial on on how to use the product, I was quickly convinced that it's something I'm going to really like. 

What I like
  • The concept. It's genius in my opinion. You get 3 lip colors, 2 lip gloss and 1 lipstick gloss. Use them alone or mix and make your own color. There's a tiny shalow well on the palette and a lip brush so you can mix colors just like a professional makeup artist!
  • The shades are gorgeous. At first, from looking at the photos online and in person, the colors looked more like berries and plum, but once swatched and applied on the lips, it screams PINK!!! You get a good variety of pinks from mauvey, baby pink to bright magenta pink.
  • Pigmentation is superb! The colors have a great color pay off. Even the glosses has a hint of pink to them that is slightly visible. This also means that you can control of the pigment. If you think it's too bright, you can mix it with the the gloss to sheer it out. 
  • Texture is impressive. All the lip colors and glosses are so creamy and glides on smoothly on the lips. The glosses has a bit of stickiness to them, but still comfortable.
  • Comes is a variety of finish from matte, satin and glossy. So awesome!
  • The packaging is solid. It feels very sturdy and has a little weight to it. Also, positive words are embossed on it. It says, emerge, emotion, embrace, empower, embody, esteem, embellish, embark.

What I don't like
  • Being a cheapskate, I would like to say the price. However, I think $28 is a fair price for the concept and quality of the product. And to tell you the truth, I would like to purchase all the shades when I get a chance ^_^. 

 photo IMG_1010_zps37fd124d.jpg

 photo IMG_1011_zps3ea85852.jpg

 photo IMG_1013_zps14b120e7.jpg

 photo IMG_1016_zpsd1d53ad4.jpg

 photo IMG_1017_zpse86a6743.jpg

Starting from the top left -counter clock wise.
- magenta pink lip color with fine silver shimmers and a matte finish.
-pale pink gloss with fine silver shimmers
-meduim pink with purple undertone lip color. matte.
- nude pink lip gloss. no shimmers. It's a great
- classic pink lip color with a glossy finish
-ruby pink lip color/gloss with fine purple shimmers.

 photo IMG_1018_zpsde95cfbe.jpg

Swatches on my arm with flash

 photo IMG_1022_zpsf391f28a.jpg

Swatches on my arm without flash

 photo IMG_1026_zps586d5a48.jpg

Here's how the first color on the left looks like on my lips.

 photo IMG_1031_zps46c52021.jpg
without flash

 photo IMG_1032_zps288ee66e.jpg
with flash

 photo IMG_1037_zps99bb2ddc.jpg
with sheer pink gloss

Here's an example on how you can mix colors. I used a little bit of the magenta pink lip color and the classic pink glossy lip color. It gave me a bright hot pink color. I love it!

 photo IMG_10431_zpse7fd9246.jpg

 photo IMG_1040_zps13723e82.jpg
without flash

 photo IMG_1038_zpsefb25000.jpg
with flash

Overall, I really love this lip palette. It has a great variety of pinks to go with any makeup looks with different finishes and textures. My favorite would have to be fun to mixing the colors to see what kind of pink lip color I could come up with. I definitely recommend it of you love pink lippies!

Thursday, November 21, 2013

IPSY November Glambag: GLAM IT UP!

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It's that time of the month again, Ipsy!!! I get to excited when I see my metallic hot pink package in the mailbox because I know it's going to be good. And it is!!! This month's theme is "Glam It Up!" . Included are 3 full size and 2 sample products. That's awesome!!! And how gorgeous is the bag? The metallic gold fuax alligator skin screms  GLAM!!!

PIXI Beauty bronzer in Summertime (sample) 0.11 fl oz- I was so happy to see PIXI Beauty. It's a new makeup brand I'm starting to love. The bronzer has a little bit of sheen to it that's not too overpowering and it's applies so smooth. I love it.

Nailtini nail polish in Champagne (full size)- A sheer champagne nail polish with fine glitters. A great top coat.

Glamglow YouthMud Ingle Exfoliating Treatment (sample) .5fl oz- I've seen this brand at Sephora, but never tried it.  It's a mud mask that helps exfoliate the skin leaving the skin smooth and radiant. My skin could use some lovin' right now.

Starlooks Gem Pencil in Topaz (full size)- I love seeing Starlooks in Ipsy Glam bags. They are an amazing brand. It's an silver eye liner with silver glitters. Don't be scared. You can totally rock it. You just have to use a little bit on the eyes as a high light. Apply on the upper lash line or water line for a touch of glam!

Em Cosmetics Lash Gallery mascara in Black (full size)- A full size mascara? Wow! I'm most excited to try this, espcially that it's from Michelle Phan's makeup line. I haven't tried it, but I'll keep you updated!

 photo IMG_0971_zpse4dc7071.jpg

What can I say? Ipsy has done it again. This month's glam bag was definitely worth waaay more than the $10 I paid for. Nuff said!

Sunday, November 10, 2013

Contour and Highlight Tutorial

This post is going to show you how I contour and highlight my face. It's a way to add definition and dimension to the face. You may not have to do this everyday, but it's great for special occasions, especially if you are going to take photos. Why do you think celebrities always look perfect in the red carpet. This is one of their easy tricks. The photo below shows you a pretty good idea on the placement of the colors. Some people may do it differently, but this is how I do it. I hope you find it helpful.

What is contouring?
-Contouring or shading is a makeup trick that can make certain areas of the face recede making them appear smaller or slimmer. You know how the wearing a black dress makes your body appear slimmer? Same idea.
- Hollow of the cheeks, temples, under the chin (if you have a long chin), jawbone, side of the nose (to make them appear longer), hair line (forehead area) and even the neck area.

What is highlighting?
-Highlighting is a makeup trick that can bring the best areas of your face forward. When you're studying for a test, you use a highlighter to highlight the important parts of the book or your notes you want to remember. It's the same idea. You want to highlight the best parts of your face.
-Apple of the cheeks, under the eyes, bridge of the nose, brow bone, chin and around the mouth.

 photo MVI_0205-MIX_zps6ae1f774.jpg
You are gonna need...
  • liquid/cream foundation that matches your skin tone
  • liquid/cream foundation or concealer 1-2 shades lighter than your skin tone. 
  • liquid/cream foundation or concealer 1-2 shades darker than your skin tone.
  • face powder or setting powder
  • powder bronzer
  • foundation brush
  • beauty blender or a damp sponge

Please watch the tutorial to learn how I do it. Enjoy!

The brushes I used in the video are all from

Saturday, November 9, 2013

Skindinavia Makeup Finishing Spray Review

This is one of my favorite makeup sealer that saved my life in the Summer. I mean, it saved my makeup lol. One trick to make your makeup last for a long time especially in hot weather is a makeup sealer. Of course, other products like face primer and moisturizer helps but it's the makeup setting spray that really locks it in! You won't have to worry about your makeup moving or melting until you need to take it off.

 photo IMG_0566.jpg

Skindinavia Makeup Finishing spray is one of my favorite setting spray. It's amazing! A few sprints/mist of the on the face after your makeup application is all you need. Your makeup will stay put and will last all day, all night long. I got this small sample from an old Total Beauty collection beauty box and I've enjoyed every mist of it.

Oh and here's a TIP! Makeup sure you shake well before use and don't spray too close to the face. And press it quick so you get a fine mist instead of a spritz.

Hope this was helpful and give it a try if you get a chance.

Tuesday, November 5, 2013

WINNER of our Pink Embrace Giveaway!

He loves, sorry for being MIA. I've been so busy at work and I was also sick at the same time. I'm actually still sick and fighting to get better. You can catch me on my personal INSTAGRAM account @rebekkahceleste for daily pics of my life.

Here's the winner of the Pink Embrace Giveaway. The winner was chosen randomly through Congratulations to...

Lynn Bulk 

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