Sunday, December 1, 2013

Wet n Wild Fergie Jet-Set Makeup Palette Review/Swatches

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Wet n Wild Fergie's Jet-Set makeu Palette $30. "Wet n Wild presents the LIMITED EDITION FERGIE'S JET-SET MAKEUP PALETTE, curated by the Duchess herself! The Set: The dazzling collection includes a makeup essential created conveniently in one-place" (taken from the packaging)

In case you didn't know, I'm a sucker for makeup palettes. I love seeing different colors of makeup in one cute palette or any kind of packaging. So, when I learned about Wet n Wild Fergie Jet-Set makeup palette, I couldn't contain myself with excitement! It contains everything you need to create a complete makeup look (except for concealer and foundation). It has 132 shades for eyes, lips and face in one cute, black box. It's available exclusively at your local Walgreens for $30 along with the rest of the Fergie Holiday limited edition collection.

Read on for my review...

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The packaging is quite impressive. Usually, big makeup palettes from the drugstore are flimsy and light. But not this one. It's very heavy and solid. It opens up like a book and you simply slide out the different levels. First you see eye shadows, then lip colors, blushers, eye liners and bronzer and highlighters. It also closes magnetically, so the case stays in place.

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Here's how it looks on my vanity table/drawer so you can see how big and wide it gets. It's awesome isn't it? 

 photo IMG_0206_zpsc7996455.jpg

 photo IMG_0204_zps7e44cb92.jpg

 36 eye shadows

I love the variety of colors from neutrals, colorful and darks. The possibilities are endless! Surprisingly, the quality of these eye shadows are quite impressive. They have decent to great pigmentation depending on the finish. I notice the shimmery ones are  more smooth and has better color pay off than the matte ones. A good eye shadow base/primer is definitely needed to kick up the vibrancy up a notch. Also, they are a bit powdery, which is understandable with drugstore makeup palettes, so make sure you don't dip your brush too hard.

Here is a Fall/Thanksgiving makeup look I did using the eye shadows. See more photos HERE.

 photo IMG_1133_zps39a805fb.jpg

 photo IMG_1149_zps974b31a6.jpg

Here are some swatches on my arm with Wet n Wild Coverall liquid foundation underneath. 

 photo IMG_1046_zpsa4b0c0b3.jpg 
without flash

 photo IMG_1048_zps6b30dbba.jpg
with flash

 photo IMG_1050_zpsfae76554.jpg
without flash

This palette has the most gorgeous silver and grey eye shadows I've ever seen!

 photo IMG_1052_zps5b0b4066.jpg
with flash

Some of the eye shadow colors has a duo chrome quality to them which means the color changes depending on the angle of the light. That's unusual for a drugstore palette, especially big ones. 

 photo IMG_1057_zps30b8910f.jpg
without flash

 photo IMG_1059_zps0f0c4cb5.jpg
with flash

 photo IMG_0217_zpsa1613c66.jpg

6 Blushes

All the blushes has some kind of shimmer or glitter(gold and silver), but don't be intimidated. The shimmers are not too noticeable when applied on the cheeks. The texture is not too powdery. I also like that they're all different shades of pink which I think looks great on all skin tones. My favorite is the pink/berry tone blush all the way to the right.

 photo IMG_1062_zps8b7cdf04.jpg
without flash

 photo IMG_1068_zpsbcf29cd7.jpg
with flash

 photo IMG_1061_zpse35fc980.jpg photo IMG_1060_zps86807978.jpg

2 eye liner pencils and 1 lip liner

I like the red lip liner more than the 2 eye liner pencils. It's a rich red color that glides on the lips smoothly and actually stays on. The eye liners are just okay. They apply smooth and doesn't tug on the eyes, but they don't last long at all. 

 photo IMG_0224_zps6cdab345.jpg

2 Face Powders and 1 Bronzer

The powders are quite nice. The texture is smooth and actually blends well. I have medium/tan skin tone and it's too light on me, so I could use it as a highlight powder to apply om my cheekbones and the bridge of my nose. I just have to make sure I don't put too much. I like the bronzer a lot. It has soft gold sheen that looks really nice on the skin. Can be use as a contour, but I'd rather brush it on the side of my face in an "E" motion to add a nice glow to the face. 

 photo IMG_1072_zpsc2de1c2a.jpg
without flash

 photo IMG_1079_zps22fa9d66.jpg
with flash

 photo IMG_0227_zps073d143c.jpg photo IMG_0220_zps15300a4f.jpg
The lip colors and lip glosses are my least favorite in the palette. The colors are so beautiful, but they don't have a great color pay off. They are also very sticky and uncomfortable. I don't like them at all.  

Overall, I like this palette and would recommend it to a friend. The concept and the look is great. The highlights are the most definitely the eye shadows, blushes and bronzer. They are awesome! You get a variety of colors and finishes with great pigmentation. The eye liners and lip colors are a miss, which is a bummer since it's a whole section of them. However, for the price of $30, it's still a great product. You might even snag it for a lower price if you catch it on a sale or if you have a coupon. 

What do you guys think? 

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  1. I think palettes like these are cute, great for younger girls who want lots of shadows to play around with or to experiment with. However even higher end brands with big sets like this I completely avoid because I don't like having such a huge range, I prefer smaller palettes!

  2. I agree with Sharlynn's comment above. Personally, I, too, avoid using such palettes. Although, the colors in them scream "buy-me" but I'd only give them as gifts to younger girls

  3. I was tempted by this, but I decided to pass. As cute as the packaging is, and as pretty as the shadows are, I have so many already and I was just not interested in those lip colors. Pretty swatches though!

  4. i was wondering if you could do a Christmas look and give tips on what colors are to vibrant and what colors aren't enough

  5. The colors look gorgeous. Too bad I'm trying not to hoard as much makeup lol