Thursday, December 26, 2013

Wet n Wild Megaslicks Balm Stain Moisturizing Lip Colours REVIEW/SWATCHES

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The new Wet n' Wild Megaslicks Balm Stain Moisturizing Lip Colours are 2 in one lip product. It's a lip balm and lip stain that suppose to moisturize and leave a long lasting color on your lips at the same time. I've tried them, and they are absolutely fabulous. It's the next hot thing at the drugstore. You have to get your hands on them!

Let's go through each shade, shall we...

Red-dy or Not
Wearable cherry red shade with glossy finish. I've used it a lot over the Holiday season.

Lady and the Vamp
Lighter than in appears in the packaging. A very wearable red wine color with glossy finish. I love rocking bold "in your face" lip colors, but it's nice to try a shade that that's a bit toned down. Definitely a great introduction color to deep lip colors.

Rico Mauve
What a fun name! My absolute favorite in the collection. It's a mauvey pink shade that goes great with my medium/tan skin tone. It's almost like a natural nude shade on me with a hint of pink. It's so beautiful.

A Stiff Pink
If you love bright pink lips, then you'll love this one. True to color bright bubble gum pink shade with a glossy finish.

Pinky Promise
True to color pale pink with a metallic finish. My least favorite in the collection. I dislike anything metallic on my lips because it highlights wrinkles and makes me look old. It's juts my personal preference.

Nudist Colony
True to color pale nude shade with a slight metallic finish (not as metallic as Pinky Promise).
 Also, my least favorite in the collection. It's too pale against my medium/tan skin tone. I can make it work, but I prefer a more darker nude shade. It looks much better on people with pale to light skin tone.

Swatches on my arm 

Red-dy or Not, Lady and the Vamp, Rico Mauve, Stiff Pink, Pinky Promise and Nudist Colony

 photo IMG_1250_zps535464c7.jpg

I love the texture. It's just like a lip balm, smooth, buttery and easily glides on the lips. The jumbo crayon packaging makes it so easy to apply. It's perfect if you're in the rush when doing makeup like I do lol. They are all sheer to full coverage. 1 layer for sheer and layer more for full coverage. They are also very moisturizing. I didn't feel the need to apply a lip balm underneath.

Most of the shades did stay on my lips for a long time (Except for Pinky Promise and Nudist Colony. (Once they faded, it left the metallic crease on my lips that made my them look dry and wrinkly). The initial color stayed on for about 2 hours, then after awhile, with eating and drinking, it left a nice stain on my lips. Even when you take it off with a makeup wipe, the stain still shows a bit. I suggest to use an oil base makeup remover.

 photo IMG_1242_zpsd83faeb0.jpg

 photo IMG_1240_zps19ea54a3.jpg

 photo IMG_1239_zps4ee68f6c.jpg

 photo IMG_1246_zps9f00bab2.jpg

 photo IMG_1515_zpsd1a3d23a.jpg

How Nudist Colony looks on me. It's not my fav because it's a bit pale, but I made it work.

 photo IMG_1502_zps3aabec54.jpg

 photo IMG_1537_zps4b5ae432.jpg

How A Stiff Pink looks my lips after 5 hours of wear with a little bit of drinking water and eating snacks.

 photo CYMERA_20131224_045239_zpsac361d15.jpg

How Red-dy or Not looks on me. And yeah, that's me as a Reindeer at work lol.

Overall, I think these are great new products for 2014, and I highly recommend them. You really can't beat the 2 in 1 for such an affordable price.  Oh and just so you know, these are a permanent collection, so you can get them year round, whoo hoo!


  1. I've been looking for these in my drugstores but have yet to find them :( Your post just makes me want to keep looking!

  2. Very cute and sheer. Great pigmentation as well. I will be getting me a few :)

  3. OMG!!! They look so pretty. Love every colors especially the red-dy or not one. I usually prefer red lippies for i have pale lips.

  4. I WANT THEM ALL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ♥

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  6. Saaaaammmmmeeeeeeeeee I want these!!!!