Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Review: Tahitian Monoi Anti-Aging Sugar Scrub by Faith Aromatherapy

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I love exfoliating my body. I do it at least once a week. I like the feeling of the rough sugar, salt or whatever kind of exfoliant I'm in the mood for against my skin. Body scrubs makes my skin feel super smooth, supple and fresh.

I recently tried a sample of the Tahitian Monoi Anti-Aging Sugar Scrub by Faith Aromatherapy. It's included in this month's Ipsy Glam bag. I really like it. I like it as much as the body scrubs from The Body Shop. It's sugar and oil scrub that's perfect for dry skin. I was able to get 2 uses out of the small sample jar. I used my fingers to scoop it out and scrubbed it directly onto my skin starting on the rough parts such as elbows and knees. I like the texture of the fine sugar. It was rough enough to exfoliate, then it slowy melted onto my skin. The oil left my skin super smooth and moisturized.

Ipsy says, "Part of Faith Aromatherapy’s Tahitian Monoi Collection, this anti-aging sugar scrub uses fine granules to exfoliate cells, while Monoi Oil increases collagen production, locks in moisture and fights free radical damage for smoother, brighter skin. The intoxicating citrus-floral fragrance awakens the senses and uplifts the spirit."
tahitian monoi oil*, sweet orange oil*, brown and white cane sugars*, safflower oil*, *certified organic or ecocert

The main ingredient besides sugar is Tahitian Monio Oil. Now what the heck is a Monoi Oil? First time I heard of it is when I used to work at The Body Shop. It's the main ingredient in their Spa Wisdom Polynesia Monoi Miracle Oil. It's a perfumed oil made from petals of Gardenia, and it's added in a lot of beauty products such as moisturizers and lotions.

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January Ipsy Glam Bag

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Overall, I really enjoyed this scrub and I highly recommend it escpially if you have dry skin. It's rough on initial application but it slowly melts onto the skin leaving it super smooth and supple.

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  1. I got this, too, but I haven't tried it yet. I feel dumb for asking, but do you rinse it off?

    ☮ ♡ :) Melli

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