Sunday, February 2, 2014

Stila Jade Blossom Hair Refresher Review

They say it's not good  to wash your hair everyday because you're stripping away it's natural oils. Well, I don't know if that's true or not, but I happen to like washing my hair. I do it everyday, every morning during Summer and in the afternoon during Winter. My hair gets extremely oily after 1 day without washing, and it feels gross. But I do understand the idea of dry shampoo to refresh the hair. 

 photo BecksBday7_zpsc1795f13.jpg

 I got to try dry shampoo for the first time. I tried the Stila Jade Blosson Hair Refresher. It did a great job in absorbing the oils in my hair and actually made my scalp feel fresh and smells good, which was quite nice. However, that feeling only lasted for 2 hours the most, and the at the end of the day my hair became oily again and felt a bit heavy. I don't think it's for me.

Stila Jade Blosson Hair Refresher $28 is a scented dry shampoo powder that absorbs oil in hair and scalp, making it look and feel fresh and washed again. It also adds volume and had a nice floral scent that makes your hair smell nice. It's not meant to take the place a regular shampoo and water, but it's great when you don't have the time to wash your hair or if you want to lengthen the time between washing your hair. You can purchase it at

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 photo IMG_9063_zpsf5771573.jpg

 photo IMG_9064_zps4edb2d10.jpg

How I use it

 photo IMG_9057_zps8d52979b.jpg

Here's my day old hair. It looks and feels extremely oily and dirty. I don't like it.

 photo IMG_9066_zps900d92a8.jpg

I start on the top of my head. I part my hair to the side or middle. I sprinkle a little amount like in the photo.

 photo IMG_9071_zpsc3acd7dc.jpg

Then, I massage my hair and scalp with my fingers. I repeat this step through out my hair.

                                 BEFORE                                       AFTER

 photo IMG_9056_zpsb1e1d6ad.jpg photo IMG_9074_zpsd1893e8b.jpg

I can see a big difference in the before and after photos. However, I don't like the feeling of the powder once it settled in my hair and scalp. I have nothing against this product, but I feel like dry shampoo is not for me. I like the idea, but I won't use it anytime soon. I'll stick to good ol' shampoo and water. Never fails.