Monday, March 17, 2014

Pond's Cold Cream! The Best Makeup Remover!

Ponds has been around since forever, but it was just a couple of months ago that I was finally able to try it. I mainly used it with hopes of possibly curing my acne. I read somewhere online that Pond's cold cream has the ability cure acne and blemishes. I've been breaking out really bad in a form of mini bumps all over my face.

 I used it as face cleanser along with witch hazel toner. It didn't make my skin worse, but it didn't make it any better either. I was kind'a bummed out that it didn't cure my acne. However, I learned that it works amazing as a makeup remover. It was able to remove all my makeup from foundation to waterproof mascara.

 photo cassy7_zps27320e50.jpg

How I use it:
  • Using my fingers, I scoop a generous amount of the cream and apply all over my face.
  • I massage my face, eyes and lips until I see the makeup come off. The cream should turn into a yucky light brown color.
  • I use a makeup wipe to remove the cream. You can use a clean face cloth too.
  • I wash my face with regular cleanser.

Before and After 

 photo cassy6_zps33ac4360.jpg

I loved how it's able to remove my heavy foundation, dark eye shadows and stubborn waterproof mascara. I'm impressed. It also liked how it left my skin super smooth and soft even after I used a regular cleanser to remove excess cream.

 photo IMG_1692_zps1496c143.jpg

Have you tried Pond's Cold Cream before?
If so, how do you like to use it?


  1. Wow this stuff looks like it really works. Havent tried it but im willing to give it a go now.
    * follower, love it if you followed me.
    Renee x

  2. Yes, Ponds cold cream works great for removing makeup!

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  4. I'll have to try!

  5. I'am user of this product and I assure the this product is real i'v been using this for almost 5 year's and I see the great resort in my skin

    1. That's awesome. I still use and now I can't live without it lol

  6. Ponds!! I am familiar with this product from more than 15 years and its the only and first product that i was using. Currently i have changed it as my skin has become to much oily. But its the best product i ever met with very good results. I wish it will help people for more and more years to get healthy and glowing skin.


  7. I've already heard about this.. but haven't tried it yet, I am currently using face wash cleanser from Lifecell and I've been using it for more than 5 years.. If I would go to the department store and see this I'd like to try it as well.