Wednesday, April 2, 2014


Last year, I won the  SOHO Beauty brush set at the Generation Beauty event by Ipsy. I love makeup brushes, so I was jumping up and down like a little girl in excitement.  I was also in shock because I never, ever win anything, so it was pretty exciting!

 SOHO is known for their fun, bright and cute makeup bags. They also carry makeup brushes made from synthetic and natural bristles. They are fairly affordable and can be found at Walmart or CVS. Price range from $6.99-$19.00.

 photo IMG_2026_zpsfbdb2a39.jpg

The makeup set I got include :
 stippling brush
 powder brush
 foundation brush
 angled blending brush
 eye shadow brush
 flat eye liner brush 
in an cheetah print brush bag

 photo IMG_2002_zps372c3feb.jpg

 photo IMG_2003_zps499ae263.jpg

 photo IMG_2005_zps2fb99348.jpg

The brush bag is made of fabric and is perfect for traveling. It has enough pockets to store at least 20 makeup brushes and a zipper pocket on the side to store makeup tools. It folds up nicely for easy storage.

 photo IMG_2004_zps379c900a.jpg

 photo IMG_2021_zps505a8d57.jpg

SOHO Eyeliner Brush
Has a flat top. Firm enough to apply gel liner or eyebrow powder, but I still prefer an angled eyeliner brush. I find them much easier to use than flat ones. It still works though.

 photo IMG_2016_zpse794cdee.jpg
SOHO All Over Eyeshadow Brush
I really like it. It's big, soft and fluffy and applies eyeshadows quickly all over the eyelids.

 photo IMG_2019_zps2c60fe2d.jpg

SOHO Angled Blender Brush 
I usually prefer a round fluffy blending brush to blend eye shadows, but this one works fine. Just don't apply too much pressure on the eyes. It also works great as a crease brush. Pat the eye shadow on the outer corner and gently drag it on the crease.

 photo IMG_2014_zpscbf0f398.jpg

SOHO Foundation brush
Soft and firm, just how a foundation brush should be. I really like it.

 photo IMG_2012_zps9a2300ab.jpg

SOHO Powder Brush
Extremely soft and fluffy, but it became a bit scratchy after one wash. It doesn't hurt my skin, but just not as soft as before.

 photo IMG_2008_zps64011d1b.jpg

SOHO Highlighter Brush 
Also known as Stipping or Duo-Fiber brush. This one shed a lot of hairs before, during and after washing. Now, everytime I used it, a fiber or two comes off and sticks on my face. However, it's verysoft and gentle on the skin, but with all the shedding, I wonder if it's gonna last?

 photo IMG_2009_zps3eeba37c.jpg

See what I mean?

 photo IMG_2023_zpse194aa67.jpg

 The brushes were either a hit or miss. I prefer the eye brushes more than the face brushes. The face brushes shed way too much hairs and became a bit scratchy after one wash. I own other brushes from a more affordable brand that has better quality, I think. However, I liked the "ergonomic handle" that fits nicely on the fingers. It gave a unique look. I also loved the makeup brush bag. Lots of pockets for all my makeup brushes.

They don't sell this particular set on their website, but you can check it other makeup tools they carry.

Spotted: NYX at CVS

I spotted a full display of NYX cosmetics at my local CVS Pharmacy. CVS is a drugstore here in the U.S. Am I the only one who didn't know about this? I freaked out in excitement and quickly took a photo to share on Instagram and Twitter. Now, I have easy access to the products instead of going online. Also, I can use my CVS Beauty Rewards, coupons and Extra Care Bucks (cvs store coupons). Soooo exciting!

 photo CYMERA_20140326_112900_zps9e686f7e.jpg