Monday, January 19, 2015

New and Improved Wet n' Wild Silk Finish Lipstick


Wet n Wild Silk Finish lipsticks just got a makeover for 2015!

 photo IMG_1532_zps20e402c4.jpg

BRAND: Wet n Wild Beauty

NAME: Silk Finish Lipsticks

CLAIM/DESCRIPTION: "We've never quiet understood why others make you spend 20X the amount on something that wwe give you next to nothing. Our formula contains all the same things: rich colors, Vitamin A and E, aloe vera and really feels like putting silk on your lips. And if you think that's enough, we've now added macadamia nut oil that contains antioxidants to hydrate your lips for a smooth, supple pout. Are we just crazy?Have we gone too far? Or do you deserve it? We definitely think so" - WnWBeauty

AMOUNT: 0.13oz

PACKAGING: black hard plastic lipstick tube and clear top.

PRICE: $0.99

AVAILABILITY: At your local drugstores

I am already a fan of their Silk Finish lipsticks and so are my friends. I don't know any girl that doesn't own one. But I am really loving the new and improved formula and packaging. It the same rich, silky and creamy lipstick with aloe vera, Vitaminn A and E, but now they've added macadamia oil to hydrate and moisturize the lips.

The old silver and gray packaging was cute, but the new black tube is even better. It's sexy, sleek and modern looking, so beautiful! And they have kept the price the same. It is still $0.99! Oh gosh I love you, Wet n Wild. Thank you for making us beauty junkies really happy ^_^.

 photo IMG_1538_zps369bb2ee.jpg

I received 5 of the Silk Finish lipsticks.
  • Will You Be Mine 503C - pale pink shade
  • Ready To Swoon 513C - orangey tan shimmer shade
  • What's Up Doc 515D - deep coral shade
  • 15 Minutes Aflame 517C - bright pink shade
  • Blind Date 537A - medium plum shade with slight shimmer
 photo IMG_1540_zps174be41e.jpg

 photo IMG_1539_zps2de8289d.jpg

 photo IMG_1536_zps0b743309.jpg

 photo IMG_1543_zpse86f60a4.jpg
*In comparison with the old Silk Finish lipstick (far left) and other Wet n' Wild lipsticks*

What do you guys think of the Silk Finish lipstick's new look?

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  1. Love the colors - especially Ready to Swoon and Blind Date. Does the top come off easily? That was my only issue with the old packaging. :/

    ☮ ♡ :) melli |

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  3. Nice colors, I don't know which one I like more!

    I love Bourjois velvet matte lipstick especially in shade hot pepper and ping pong!

  4. WnW lipsticks are in my PRO kit and I love them! I so can't wait to try this new formula. How long do they last on the lips (when you don't eat or drink) My fav shades are: What's Up Doc and 15 Minutes Aflame

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