Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Wet n Wild Fergie "Around-the-Clock" Blushes *REVIEW and SWATCHES*

Hot and new Wet n Wild Fergie blushes! Come and get em' ^_^

 photo IMG_6987_zpsqoh09ebl.jpg

BRAND: Wet n Wild Beauty

NAME: Fergie Centerstage Collection Around The Clock Blush

PRODUCT CLAIM/DESCRIPTION: "Cast your magic spell the way Fergie does! This longwearing, oh-so-velvty blush perfectly flatters any skin tone and type, delivering a healthy, flirty flush that's impossible to resist. Comes in a vivid, ultra-pigmented formula for bold color that lasts up to 10 hours" - (source: Wet n Wild Beauty)

SHADES:  Brush with Brilliance, Brush with Danger and Brush with Destiny 

AMOUNT: 0.2oz/5.8g

PRICE: $4.99


 photo IMG_6986_zpsalapx4k0.jpg

 photo IMG_6991_zpsk2bzrcmp.jpg

Brush with Brilliance A160- Peachy Pink shade with gold shimmers. A tad bit similar to Coloricon blusher in Pearlescent Pink and NARS ORgasm blush. I'm a sucker for peachy pink blushes. I can rock this color day or night time. 

Brush with Danger A159-  Cotton candy pink with matte finish. It's very vivid! More of a nigh time blush in my opinion.

Brush with Destiny A158- Peachy Tan with gold shimmers. A tad big lighter than Brush with Brilliance. More appropriate for day time because the color is quite sheer yet buildable.

 photo IMG_7010_zpsbl2cicup.jpg

 photo IMG_7008_zpsf6l583wz.jpg

*Brush with Brilliance*

 photo IMG_7033_zpslefyzj6o.jpg

 photo IMG_7032_zpsworneir5.jpg

*Brush with Danger*

 photo IMG_7025_zpskku2gr3o.jpg
  photo IMG_7022_zpsx0xuxobe.jpg
*Brush with Destiny*

 photo IMG_7000_zpsystc75tz.jpg
*In comparison to a full size NARS blush and Wet n Wild Coloricon blush*

 photo IMG_6993_zps5tmrc3tr.jpg
*In comparison to a full size MAC blush*

 I'm a huge fan of Wet n' Wild Coloricon blushes, so I literally gasped when I saw these. Aren't they just beautiful? These 3 blushes are the new addition to the Fergie Centerstage line for Spring 2015. These colors are solid unlike the Fergie shimmer palettes with marble colors and shimmers. 

These are highly pigmented, so a little bit goes a long way. Go easy and dip your brush lightly and tap off excess before application. I like to dab the color from my cheek bone up to the temple of my face and blend in circular motion. I like the soft and smooth texture. I find it very easy to blend. 

Just keep in mind the gold shimmers are visible on the cheeks. Skip it if you do not like shimmers. I personally do not mind it and would wear them during day time. Also, I can't say if it last up to 10 hours. I did have it on for 5 hours when I went out with El Hubby and I only noticed a little bit of fading. but El Hubby kissed my cheek a few times. 

Overall, an awesome product for the price. I highly recommend it!

DISCLOSURE: Some of the products are given to Everyday Makeup blog for editorial purposes, either directly from the manufacturer or from the agency that works on behalf of the manufacturer. All reviews on Everyday Makeup blog are the honest opinion of its author and editorial samples do not, in any way, affect the outcome of product reviews 


  1. Replies
    1. Hi! Brush with Danger is definitely very bright. but I think Brush with Destiny would look great on you!

  2. Oooo sooo gorgeous! I have shades that are exactly like all three of them! Love Destiny!

  3. I also bought Brush with Destiny but that pink one is too gorgeous not to pass up!

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