Thursday, February 5, 2015

Ped Egg! *BEFORE and AFTER* photos (gross!)

*WARNING: Gruesome photos of my nasty foot*

 photo IMG_1718_zpsjfsthzhd.jpg

PED EGG!!! First seen at an infomercial a years ago and now it is part of my life. El Hubby, who was my boyfriend gave me one for Christmas as a joke. Little did he know I needed it bad. My feet gets the least love in my body. I don't really pay attention to it unless I need to cut my toe nails. Through out the year, it gets dry and even cracked and calloused at times, especially the sole area. The Ped Egg does a great job smoothing out my feet without hurting it. It's not a permanent solution or cure to dry feet, but it's good enough for someone like me who is lazy to moisturize the feet O_o.

WHAT: Is the "Ultimate Food File" according to the brand. An egg-shaped food file that "Gently removes callous and dry skin for smooth, beautiful feet".  

WHERE: The original Ped Egg can still be purchased at Walmart, Target, Bed Bath and Beyond, Walgreens, Ross and other stores.

PRICE: $6.99- 10.00

 photo IMG_1719_zpswbgce5o2.jpg
"The unique "egg" shape of the PedEgg not only looks great, but is ergonomically designed to fit perfectly into the palm of your hands for easy and convenient use" (source:

It looks like a wireless mouse ^_^

 photo IMG_1720_zpsrjraoihc.jpg
*The top compartment that catches all the shavings*

 photo IMG_1723_zpsdpgs1a5t.jpg
*Finishing pad on the bottom*

 photo IMG_1724_zpsfjkyvq4x.jpg

*Comes apart in 3. You have the cover/top compartment, the micro file and the bottom piece with the  finishing pad*

 photo IMG_6862_zps4sqyvigt.jpg

 photo IMG_6831_zpssne2eppd.jpg
*foot flakes/powder..ugghh gross!*

I always use it in the bathroom. I like to either sit on the toilet or edge of the tub with my leg cross (crotch open) and foot over a small trash can to catch the excess loose foot flakes or dust. Foot powder/flakes still flies away.

I hold the PedEgg by the palm of my hand. I gently scrape back and forth across the rough patches of my foot until I visibly see the rough patches disappear. Then I  use the finishing pad to smooth it out (this part tickles my feet ^_^). I wash my feet, dry them and finish with a foot lotion to moisturize.

Make sure your feet are dry before use. Never use it on wet or lotioned or moisturized feet or it will tear the skin. Be careful not to over do it or else it will hurt to walk. Always clean the PedEgg after use. Throw away the foot flakes/powder in the trash can and clean it, especially the scraper with a soft dry cloth. 

 photo christmas1_zpsghvvfkfi.jpg

*Before and After*

 photo christmas2_zpsnwxkivpv.jpg

Have you guys used the PedEgg before?


  1. Wow, huge difference in the before & after pics!

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