Thursday, March 19, 2015

Wet n Wild Foundation Brush REVIEW

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Soft, affordable and get's the job done!

Wet n Wild Beauty Build a Foundation, Foundation Brush is a makeup brush used to apply foundation on the face. It is made with synthetic bristles. It can be used for cream and liquid makeup. It's quiet soft and doesn't feel rough on the skin. It does a good job in applying and blending the makeup. The handle is made of hard plastic so it feels light.The size is smaller than a full size brush, but bigger than a travel size brush. It's also easy to clean. Just run it through water and rub on your palm with a touch of anti-bacterial liquid dish detergent, rinse, dry and it's good to go. Keep in mind that the brush sheds a few hair when washed. It's no big deal. It happens to most makeup brushes, drugstore or high-end. 

You can find it at your local drugstores for $2.99

I highly recommend it. 

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*size comparison to other full size foundation brushes*