Sunday, July 19, 2015

E.L.F. Studio Eyebrow Kit REVIEW and DEMO

 photo IMG_8301_zpsagqybwkj.jpg

Eyes Lips Face Studio Eyebrow Kit $3 in Medium is a brow kit/duo. It has tinted brow gel or wax, brow powder and a small angled liner brush. This is a HIT for me. It's my first time trying brow gel and I really like it. The shade Medium is perfect against my black hair. It's not too dark, nor too light. It's just right. I found it interesting that the gel is darker than the powder. The powder is more of a light taupe shade (see photo below). I also love the ease of use. I simply apply the brow gel first with angled liner brush, then top it off with the brow powder to set. 

Keep in mind that it has a bit of red undertone. I prefer a true brow color when it comes to my brows. But it's a big deal because it's not noticeable. El Hubby can't tell, but I can ^_^. For, $3 it is a great product!

 photo IMG_8303_zpsgeofwbzv.jpg

 photo IMG_8302_zpsyu1kdkux.jpg

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I like the sleek packaging. It's made of hard plastic.

 photo IMG_8305_zpsq1jemfnz.jpg

 photo IMG_8306_zpsgiyxnjl4.jpg

In comparison to a NARS blush.

 photo IMG_8308_zps3yfibzxn.jpg

I like the small mirror.

 photo IMG_8309_zpsnwu1eofp.jpg

 photo IMG_8312_zpslomwwvho.jpg

 photo IMG_8315_zpsdcqwilvp.jpg
*with flash*

 photo IMG_8318_zpsy8ue4slm.jpg
*without flash*


 photo MVI_2800_zpsovqx7fwg.jpg
Here's what my naked brow looks like.

 photo MVI_2801_zpsvmtkx1y0.jpg
1. Using an angled liner brush, take the brow gel and outline the brow. I followed the natural shape of my brow.

 photo MVI_2801-001_zpsrzm03txe.jpg
2. Fill it in with the same brow gel.

 photo MVI_2801-002_zps2kbctsqf.jpg
3. Set the brows with the brow powder by applying it on top.

 photo MVI_2801-003_zpsx5llioqf.jpg
4. Brush with a spooly to blend so it doesn't look harsh.

 photo MVI_2801-004_zpsnykr7gq6.jpg
5. Finished look.

You can purchase this product at Target, CVS, Walmart and


  1. I really love this product! Such a great deal:)
    Loved how you applied it as well!

  2. Well, I think this is something worth checking out! Love the way you applied it. Got to try this out soon and see how it looks on me :)

    1. You have nothing to lose. It's only $3 ^_^. And if you don't like it (which I'm sure you will like it), you can always return it.

  3. Weird! It goes on much more cool toned than I would expect!