Monday, September 28, 2015

PUR Minerals Love Your Selfie Palette

 photo IMG_8544 2_zpsgld75rxf.jpg

PUR Minerals "Love Your Selfie" Palette $39
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This limited edition collection is a travel-friendly kit that includes 8 eye shadows, powder blush, powder bronzer, powder highlighter, mascara and a lip gloss. I've only tried their mineral pressed powder, which is amazing so I was quite excited to try the palette. I am blown away by the quality. Everything in this palette is amazing. The eye shadows are smooth, buttery and extremely pigmented as well as the blush, highlighter and bronzer. The mascara made my lashes thick and big and the lip gloss is non-sticky. Oh, and it's only $39!

 photo IMG_8538 2_zpsgreh68qv.jpg

Comes in a very sturdy hard paper case palette. I love the white and black. It's sleek and chic.

 photo IMG_8536_zpssrpbraiw.jpg

 photo IMG_8537 1_zps97vauvrk.jpg

 photo IMG_8540_zps4672koxg.jpg

Helpful tutorial on how to use the palette. You can do endless looks with it!

 photo IMG_8539_zpsa9k27wwm.jpg

Love the BIG MIRROR!

 photo IMG_8549 2_zps6m8frmar.jpg

 photo IMG_8542_zps25eaypky.jpg

I thought they did a really good job in picking out the eye shadow combination. The colors are neutral and natural shades that can be worn both day and night. I like that it has mix of shimmer and matte finish for a well balanced look. The pigmentation is seriously amazing! They are smooth and buttery to touch and super easy to blend. I love that it has a good black and brown eye shadow that can be used as an eye liner.

EXPOSURE: Vanilla shade with a matte finish. It's very buttery and smooth for a matte eye shadow. Great for lid color and brow bone color.

FADE: matte peachy brown.

FILTER: shimmery rose gold.

PHOTOBOMB: shimmery dark plum with silver flecks. It's such a beautiful color on it's own.

FLASH: shimmery champagne

CAPTURE: matte taupe Great transition color.

SEPIA: matte chocolate brown.  Great color for the crease and upper and lower lash line as an eye liner.

CLOSEUP: matte black. Great for smoking out colors and can also be used as an eye liner.

 photo IMG_8544 1_zpsc6b8iiyt.jpg

 photo IMG_8543_zps7haw2l9w.jpg

 photo IMG_8999_zpsg8ubtagi.jpg

Swatches without flash (above) and with flash (below)

 photo IMG_9001_zpsu60x6n1k.jpg

 photo IMG_8886_zps1rrwwe7c.jpg

Here's what the eye shadows look like on my eyes

all lover color: FADE
inner corners: EXPOSURE
eyelids : FILTER
center of eyelids: FLASH
crease: SEPIA
brow bone: EXPOSURE
upper lash liner : CLOSEUP

 photo IMG_9005_zpsuthh5xce.jpg

Mineral Glow Bronzer, Savvy Blush and Afterglow Illuminating Powder 

 photo IMG_9008_zpsbtb3v0ce.jpg

 photo IMG_8562_zps1kllghpa.jpg

PUR Minerals BIG LOOK mascara with Argan Oil

 photo IMG_8564 1_zpsopipyiwp.jpg

Here's how the BIG LOOK mascara look on my eye lashes. It's a good day time mascara. I like that it gives my lashes good volume and the formula is non-sticky. But the formula is a bit too wet for liking so allow some time to let it dry.

 photo food 1_zpsmtfovok7.jpg

 photo IMG_8552_zpspauhtvby.jpg

 photo IMG_8561 1_zpsm6nu51yj.jpg

PUR Minerals Lip Gloss in Exposed

 A pigmented, natural pinky nude lip gloss that looks good on any skin tone. There's fine gold shimmers, but looks very subtle on the lips, so don't worry if you're not a fan of shimmers. The formula is non-sticky and feels very comfortable on the lips. Love it!

 photo IMG_8559_zps7d4ntoza.jpg photo IMG_8560_zpsumunwsfp.jpg
             with flash and without flash

 photo IMG_8904_zpsodtdvouc.jpg

How Exposed lip gloss looks on my lips. I didn't use any lip liner underneath. I love how it looks natural on my lips.

DISCLOSURE: Some of the products are given to Everyday Makeup blog for editorial purposes, either directly from the manufacturer or from the agency that works on behalf of the manufacturer. All reviews on Everyday Makeup blog are the honest opinion of its author and editorial samples do not, in any way, affect the outcome of product reviews


  1. I! LOVE! THIS! The palettes are amazing - I am definitely getting my hands on this. There's just the right amount of shimmer for me!

  2. This would be a great addiction to my morning routine, especially since I do my makeup outside of my house! Great colors, and great box that it's in. I'm in love! Thank you for sharing! ^____^

  3. OHMG!!! I want this!!! I love the color and the packaging. I think its worth checking out!

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