Sunday, February 14, 2016

I turned 31!

I was okay turning 30, but 31 felt weird! Woke up on my birthday feeling a bit off. I wasn't as excited when I turned 30. I know I'm getting old and I don't mind. I can pass as an 18 yr old for sure, so looks was not an issue yet, but I don't know...It just felt weird! I'm probably not making any sense, but let me know down on the comments below if you've felt weird on your birthday.

 Every year, I celebrate my birthday with a lot of people, but this year I kept it low key and simple. Mommy Cakes slept over our house, watched movies, went to the shooting range the next day, then we had dinner at Benihana. I brought my $30 Birthday coupon, but it was only redeemable on weekdays not weekends. Darn you, fine print! Getting free food would've been awesome!

 photo IMG_0269_zpshffvpvvu.jpg

Turning 31 felt weird, but I am thankful for my good health and to all my loved ones and friends to continue to support and love me.

My cake is from Vons grocery store, by the way. No shame. Vons make beautiful and delicious cakes! Thank you, El Hubby Cakes. It's the most beautiful cake in the world!

 photo IMG_0284_zps2imo8nfv.jpg

At the shooting range...

 photo IMG_0334_zpse5ww2tax.jpg

 photo IMG_0360_zpsq4ep8alr.jpg

I'm a good shooter or El Hubby was just a great teacher ^_^.  Those shots on the bottom are anticipation shots O_o.

Dinner at Benihana...

 photo IMG_0370_zpsoukaychh.jpg

 photo IMG_0381_zpsk8ip2s23.jpg

The best chicken fried rice! Do you agree?

 photo IMG_0383_zps671qaalz.jpg

That garlic butter though... Dead!

 photo IMG_0384_zpse3yw2apx.jpg

 photo IMG_0386_zpsraancfwm.jpg

 photo IMG_0394_zpskmdjdaiq.jpg

I had the Filet Minon cooked medium. The chef added extra garlic butter for me ^_^.

 photo ac759fd2-cdc3-4cf0-b6a1-85188b9b4617_zpsgrpj6izm.jpg

This photo made me laugh. Loved that our server wrote "Happy 21st Birthday".

Have you ever felt weird on your birthday?


  1. Happy birthday, have the best year ever!!

  2. This is lovely. Your make-up is done beautifully and you look amazing for 31.