Sunday, September 25, 2016

Seda Nuvali Hotel Food Review and Photos *PHILIPPINES

I blogged about how disappointed I was with the quality of Seda Nuvali hotel in the Philippines (read HERE). The lack of care and attention to details while charging expensive rates was a disappointment. However, I did praise their food. It's one of the good things they had to offer. It was delicious and the customer service was superb!

Our stay included complimentary breakfast (it can be excluded), which we took advantage of. We were on a tight schedule so it was convenient to come down for breakfast before we start our day instead of looking for a place to eat. We ate breakfast around 7am.

Before you enter the restaurant, staff checks your keycard for security purposes. The decor is nice and modern. It was a breakfast buffet. They had a decent variety of food to choose from American to traditional Filipino food. I really enjoyed all the Filipino dishes and desserts, while El Hubby (not Filipino) got his pancake and sausage fix. The quality of the food was great. Everything we had were freshly cooked. Nothing taste old or stale. Customer service was also great. Staff checked on us a few times to make sure we had everything we needed.

Corned Beef

Chicken Adobo
Classic adobo flavor. Just like how my mom would make it. 

Creamy Fettuccine Alfredo
It didn't taste like American/Italian Alfredo, but it was really good nonetheless. 

Sauteed Vegetables

White Fish Filet 
Perfectly cooked!

Scrambled Eggs
They were so light and fluffy. Yum!

Fresh Fruit Juices 
The guava juice was delish!

My plate. I got a lil bit of everything and went back for seconds. I made sure to had fruits and veggies. So good! 

Garlic Fried Rice and Steamed White Rice

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